AJDP arrives in Porto to help young people deal with diabetes

Association creates the first functional nucleus in the city of Porto.

The Association of Diabetic Youth of Portugal (AJDP) has just inaugurated its first functional nucleus in the city of Porto, with the goal of expanding the association and helping more and more young people to deal with diabetes. The core of Porto begins its activity on April 7, World Health Day and, like Lisbon, will organize throughout the year various activities such as hiking and information workshops in schools and interested institutions, to provide more information to teachers, students, and interested persons.

The inauguration will take place at 2:30 p.m. at Porto and Matosinhos Horse Riding Center and at Quinta da Conceição in Leça da Palmeira. As well as being able to have an equestrian experience and horse riding, the day will be filled with a picnic and team games. Registration for the activities is free and should be done until April 6, and the vacancies are limited, through the email or the mobile phone 919 380 284.

For 23 years supporting young people with diabetes and their families, the AJDP has expanded to the northern part of the country to reach out to people who have already joined the association, but because they are more displaced, they could not participate in all activities, as well as reaching those who live with diabetes and still had no contact with the association. “We are pleased to begin this project and join the AJDP family that helped us when we needed it most. The decision to create this nucleus is a way to give back all the support and to associate even more to the mission of the association “, says Barbara Yu Belo, one of the responsibilities for the creation of the nucleus, which also counts on the support of Cátia Geraldes and Marco Geraldes.

“My two children live with diabetes and I saw AJDP a great help to learn how to deal with the disease. It is very important that more children and families can have this support, and if it can be in your city, even better. It was a shame to see that many young people would like to participate in some activities and did not do so because of a geographical issue, “he commented.

All the activities developed will be supported by AJDP management from Lisbon, which helped in the creation and development of this nucleus. “We were very pleased with the proposal for the creation of this nucleus in Porto, as it reflects the work carried out by the association over the years. This initiative, which joins the functional nucleus of the AJDP in Santarém, created in 2018, shows that our work is getting farther and farther and that people identify with what we do, wanting to carry messages and activities of the association to more and more young people with diabetes and their families, “said Paula Klose, president of AJDP.

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