Aladina “Ela”

11 de março em todas as plataformas

“She doesn’t learn to be another
That’s it
Was always”

Ela – Original Manel Cruz theme

“He is the only composer who composes for my voice and artistic personality. We have very strong musical and poetic affinities. It is always him who decides what to compose and what he writes for me. This time I wanted to compose a fado that would be my portrait, as he sees me, and when I interpret it I try to be a voice for many of the stories that involve and affect the female condition. Adding this theme to Quando Se Ama Loucamente, I dare to say that Manel Cruz invented my fado outside the universe of traditional fado”

Aldina Duarte

The guitar works like the step that announces a weight. And the weight arises and after all it is light and after all it is heavy and after all it is dense substance; sound is not everything; everything is dark; this sound has never been heard, it is heard; the voice of life is heard; verses to hurt, feet to be feet.

The sound that makes you see, that clarifies, that makes a clearing around the center: A blind man singing via. Aldina’s sound and voice are this: a sound that clears the accelerated weeds of immediate things, a voice that makes a clearing around those who live; a way of being tragic and lucid; clarity is this: clearing around the voice that remains – and sound that is almost everything: tranquility and weight, lightness and tranquility: the weight appears and after all it is light and after all it is heavy and after all it is dense substance.

Aldina. She doesn’t learn to be someone else. Like someone who got lost again to find a new place. And again found – it is dense substance.

Gonçalo M Tavares

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