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Albano Jerónimo and Maria Miguel star in Samsung’s new webseries

Businesswoman Sara do Ó and musician Noiserv complete the cast of what is the new campaign for the national market to promote the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Z Flip3 5G.

When the desire to do something different is greater than the comfort to do the same thing, the future opens up to our eyes. This is the motto for Samsung’s new documentary in the web series format in Portugal. The brand’s new project, whose first episode premieres today, November 17, features actor Albano Jerónimo, young model Maria Miguel, businesswoman Sara do Ó and musician Noiserv, and will continue the concept of “You’ve only seen half” launched last August to promote the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5Gfolding” smartphones.

Because the desire to show the world what they have to offer is always greater than the obstacles they encounter along the way!

The new campaign seeks to reflect on the path that music, art, fashion or business still has to take and how technology contributes increasingly decisively to the personal and professional success of each one. Exploring what is yet to come, what is still possible to do again, the path that music, art, fashion or business has ahead is the objective of each of the four episodes of this new web series available on the campaign page.

The new documentary features the participation of renowned actor Albano Jerónimo, model Maria Miguel, businesswoman Sara do Ó and musician Noiserv, who will show us, throughout each episode, a more intimate and reserved side of his work and of its area of ​​expertise. A unique opportunity to discover the other personal and professional half that we don’t know about.

At a time when it is imperative to promote the resilience of the Portuguese, it is necessary to insist, not to give up, to innovate, to do better, to do differently. It was from this certainty that we thought and built the narrative for this new campaign about to be released to the general public”, says Ana Oliveira, Marketing & Retail Manager at Samsung Portugal. “We want to not only offer a new viewing experience to our consumers but also provide them with content that in our opinion adds value and meaning to the way we should face life.”

Ana Oliveira also states that “What has been done is good, but what is to be done will be even better. Because even when we think we’ve seen it all, these four people insist on proving that we’ve only seen half of it. A logic in everything identical to the innovation and disruption that we introduced with the new folding smartphones that we recently launched in the market and that mark a new era of innovation in the industry.”

The new campaign embodies, once again, Samsung’s motto of #DoWhatYouCant, by offering the Portuguese public a unique and differentiating product such as the new folding smartphones Samsung Galaxy Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G that leads us to reality and vision that few knew until this moment.

You can watch all the content related to this project on Samsung’s social networks. The premiere of the first episode is scheduled for November 17th from the campaign page.

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