“Alberto Giacometti – Peter Lindbergh. Capturing the Invisible” opens on the 15th at MMIPO

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We were in 2019 when the famous photographer Peter Lindbergh came to Porto as the curator of this exhibition.

However, unfortunately Lindbergh passed away and a pandemic hit the world and postponed the opening of the exhibition. On April 15, 2021 the just tribute takes place. MMIPO presents “Alberto Giacometti – Peter Lindbergh. Capture the Invisible”.

Until then, this exhibition was only shown in Paris at the Giacometti Institute. Now it’s Porto’s turn. “It is a great pride to be able to present at MMIPO an exhibition of this value and dimension, with 110 originals, including photographs, bronzes and drawings, some of them unpublished. We invite the whole community to be present and witness this complicity that brought together two great artists of different times and styles”, expresses António Tavares, Provedor da Misericórdia do Porto, owner of MMIPO.

If Lindbergh is contemporary, Giacometti left a little earlier, in 1966. He is one of the great names of Surrealism and stood out for the dramatic deformation of the proportions and the elongation of the forms, creating a very expressive and even poetic language. Although known by most for his slim sculptures, his work was much wider – which can be seen in this exhibition.

For Alberto Giacometti it was important to capture the visual perception, the way we see people, to the detriment of the real features of the figures. In the portraits, the irregular surfaces contribute to portray human fragility. In turn, Lindbergh was fascinated by this analytical work and used photography to reveal, from a very realistic representation of the sculptures, the depth of the soul.

Giacometti and Lindbergh both attach great importance to the human figure, with emphasis on the look – the gateway to the model’s personality. Lindbergh’s portraits of models or actresses sparked a melancholy by capturing the apparent fragility of the portrayed. Giacometti’s portraits are also a pretext for capturing the character behind the look.

These are interpretations that visitors will be able to absorb by viewing the important collection of Lindbergh and Giacometti exposed from room to room.

For connoisseurs and connoisseurs of Lindbergh’s most iconic photography, there is still space to display some of the most iconic portraits of the fashion photographer’s career, including those featuring Naomi Campbell, Uma Thurman, and Julianne Moore.

At the end of the exhibition, visitors are invited to taste a glass of Taylor’s Port wine at the Rooftop Flores, in the museum’s garden. The garden offers a view with a different angle than usual, with eyes on the Cathedral, and with a reserved and welcoming environment.

This initiative is the result of a partnership between MMIPO – Museu and Igreja da Misericórdia do Porto, the Taylor’s Port wine brand and Commissioner Charlotte Crapts. The exhibition ends on September 24. Tickets can be purchased directly at the museum’s ticket office.

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