Alberto Seixas short film chosen for international competition

‘Hunting Day’ was shot in a single day and uses only one film reel, which limits it in time to about three minutes, imposed by the organization of a festival that received, this year, close to two hundred productions, from 26 different countries, and that will take place ‘online’.

Despite being chosen among the best films by a jury that includes cinematographer Robbie Ryan and director Asif Kapadia, the covid-19 pandemic not only delayed the release of the results, but also undertook plans for an in-person debut in London , and contact with other authors and the organization, which this would bring to the director born in 1993.

Working with a two-person technical team and experimenting with film for the first time, he didn’t care so much “whether the story was good or not”, but rather “the enormous risk that, at the end of the process, when scanning the reel, she be in black “, due to the” permeable “condition of the format.

After the world premiere via the Internet, on Straight 8’s online website, on Friday, Alberto Seixas wants to try to make the film circulate through festivals, even though the very specific format of the ‘short’ makes this work more complex.

Going forward, he is in the process of investigating a new documentary short film, which he wants to have completed in early 2021, returning to the genre after making his debut in the film “Um Homem Não É Um Homem Só” (2018), awarded with a Sophia Student Award and other distinctions.

Currently working in Porto, in the cinema area, Alberto Seixas studied Communication Sciences and Documentary Cinema.

He directed “Um Homem Não Um Homem Homem”, a documentary short of 2018, with which he won the Sophia Student Award, from the Portuguese Film Academy, for best short film in documentary, the prize for best ‘curt’ of 3in1 Film Festival and an honorable mention for best first work at Shortcutz Ovar.

Collaborated with directors Steve Harrison, Morag Brennan, Eddy Joseph and Ana Luísa Oliveira in different roles. He worked as an editor, sound assistant and in other production functions in films by Anna Azevedo and Margarida Paiva.

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