Album of homage to Carlos Paião is published on Friday

What began as a tribute, designed for this year’s Song Festival, has become an album, to be released on Friday, and which mirrors the diversity of the work of an “incredible composer-author”: Carlos Paião.

The project Paião, in honour of the musician and composer who died in 1988, at the age of 30, came “within the scope of the Song Festival, at the invitation of RTP and Nuno Galopim,” recalled musician João Pedro Coimbra, in statements, one of those responsible for the project.

As João Pedro Coimbra and Nuno Figueiredo, the other responsible for ‘Paião’, the album, where choosing the alignment of the songs, which were presented in the two semifinals of the contest, in February in Lisbon, came to the conclusion that “some themes would have to be left out. ”

It was then that they began to think “to make a record around these songs because they are so rich”.

Then “he went to work for a year to find the right way to make the songs come out as new environments and new outfits.”

The result is ‘Paião’, an album composed of ten songs, where one tries to “show a little the diversity of the work of Carlos Paião”.

“Everybody knows the ‘Play-back’, the ‘Pó de Arroz’, the ‘Port Wine’, but maybe not everybody knows the ‘Zero’ Zero ‘or’ There are not two without three. ‘And, in a way, it was also trying to show this lesser-known side of Carlos, “said João Pedro Coimbra.

This “lesser-known side” was also “a surprise” for those involved in the project. “When we began to work on the themes, to perceive their skeleton, the way they were composed, the ‘timbre’ question, the arrangement issue, was also a learning for us and a revelation. that people feel a bit of it, “he said.

In ‘Paião’, the songs are interpreted by two singers and a singer: Jorge Benvinda (Virgin Suta), Marlon (The Olives) and VIA.

“The choice always went by singers who had a strong personality and that person could serve the songs of Carlos Paião,” said João Pedro Coimbra.

Jorge Benvinda was “one of the choices that were soon obvious, even because the Suta Viras also have a relationship with Carlos Paião’s songbook”. “And Jorge’s voice record is incredible to serve his songs,” added João Pedro Coimbra.

Already Marlon “appeared as someone capable of giving that more playful side that Carlos had in some of his compositions.”

VIA was the “bet on a person who is a songwriter and singer of a new generation, who did not live indirect, as we live, the songs of Carlos, they were passed to him by the parents,” but “is someone who also likes of Carlos “. “And, in fact, her voice is fantastic in the compositions,” the musician said.

In Carlos Paião, João Pedro Coimbra highlights “two things that make him an incredible composer-composer, which is that he writes very well and makes very good songs”.

“This is not easy. It’s not easy to make songs that people like, three-minute songs, it’s a very difficult art to do and to do well, with some content.”

Carlos Paião, in the eyes of the musician, “was someone who wanted to make pop songs, reach people, that gave him pleasure.” “But it also gave him a pleasure to show something that was relevant and that had quality. To be popular, but with quality is not for everyone and he had it,” he said.

The album ‘Paião’ will be presented live in Lisbon and Porto, in February, on dates and places to be announced.

Carlos Paião won the Illiabum Clube Song Festival in 1978, the year in which he had written more than two hundred songs. In 1983, he graduated in Medicine from the University of Lisbon but decided to pursue a career in music. The previous year, he had edited his first album, “Numerals”.

Throughout his career, he collaborated with humorist Herman José and wrote for musicians such as Amália Rodrigues, Lenita Gentil, Mísia, José Alberto Reis, Alexandra and Vasco Rafael, among others.

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