Aldeia da Cuada – Places to visit


In the central area of ​​the island, the Seven Ponds surrounded by flowers; Deep, White, Dry, Shallow, Long, Lomba, and Black Lagoon are places of rare beauty.

Rocha dos bordões

It is the ex-libris of the entire island, an imposing hill originated by a curious geological phenomenon that solidified into high vertical streaks.

Poço da Ribeira do Ferreiro

Site of extreme natural beauty, an almost virgin place where silence reigns. It is worth a visit. The lagoon formed by the waterfalls is known as Poço da Alagoinha or Lagoa das Patas.

Poço do bacalhau

This waterfall, located in Fajã Grande, is approximately 90 meters high. Its waters tear the stone and fall into a natural lagoon, inviting for a swim.

Gruta dos enxaréus

It is a huge volcanic cavity by the sea, 50 meters long and 25 meters wide between Santa Cruz and Skullira. It is one of the most attractive points of the island but is only accessible by sea.

Ilhéu do Monchique

The islet of Monchique is the westernmost land point in Europe and for many years was used by navigators to set course.

Whale Museum

The Baleia factory is one of the most important buildings of whaling architecture, built for the use of whale oil, which was the first major Florentine industry, as well as one of the economic activities that most benefited the local population.

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