Aldina presents “Tudo Recomeça”

Teatro São Luiz

Live premiere at Teatro São Luiz, in Lisbon, concert, and conversation with the public, June 6th and 7th at 7 pm

Tudo Recomeça”, Aldina‘s latest album, will be presented in two unique and special sessions to be held at Teatro São Luiz, at Sala Bernardo Sassetti, on June 6th and 7th at 7 pm. In an unprecedented format, the fados that make up the album will be interpreted exclusively, respecting their alignment, followed by a conversation with the public.

Aldina is responsible for the musical structure and environments, according to her refined poetic vision, being the author of part of the repertoire, and her musicians discover and execute musical solutions, according to the characteristics of each instrument, without departing from the essence of musical language. of fado.

Paulo Parreira, Portuguese guitar, and Rogério Ferreira, viola, are the cornerstone of the entire work.

There is a sound that belongs exclusively to this trio, which is unmistakable and sweeping; a duo that is part of the history of Aldina’s fado, who as someone once said: “It’s a fado very much ours and hers alone.


Aldina – voice
Paulo Parreira – Portuguese guitar
Rogério Ferreira – viola
Francisco Grilo – sound
Ana Moitinho – road manager
Radar dos Sons – booking

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