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Joy, lots of fun and good music invaded Bela Vista

Rock in Rio Lisboa - Day 2

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The return was scheduled and the public insisted on being present. FINALLY, the feeling of living life live has arrived in the City of Rock! The weekend was exciting and the reunion is scheduled for the next 25th and 26th of June at Parque da Bela Vista.


Rock in Rio Lisboa – Dia 19 © Margarida Rodrigues -ineews > 2022.06.19

During the first two days of the 9th edition of Rock in Rio-Lisboa, Cidade do Rock received 137 thousand people, in a magical edition, inevitably marked by the emotions of a reunion. Muse, The National, and Xutos & Pontapés took to the Mundo Stage on the first day, which was attended by more than 70,000 people. This Sunday, David Carreira opened the day with a concert full of rhythm, where special guests such as Telio and Kevin O Cris also shone, and made the audience dance. The day was marked, without great surprises, by Ivete Sangalo, who a few days after turning 50 years old again proved why she is the Hurricane of Bahia, with a concert that grabbed the audience from the first to the last song. Ellie Goulding followed, leading the audience through several hits, opening space for what is already being dubbed one of the concerts of this edition: The Black Eyed Peas.


The highlights of this first weekend were also Rock Your Street, where cultural plurality is the “headliner” with Bombino, Paulo Flores & Prodígio, Sara Correia, Jupiter & Okwess, Bruno Pernadas, and Magdalena Bay, as well as the Galp Music Valley with names like Linda Martini, The Black Mamba, Bárbara Tinoco, IZA and the Spaniards Izal and Miss Caffeina taking the most electrifying stage in the City of Rock. As usual, the famous pool parties marked the afternoons at Parque da Bela Vista from 12:00. Ary Rafeiro filled the Yorn Stage, the space where music and dance are linked by unprecedented energy and that makes all festival-goers even more surprised with each “trip” through Bela Vista Park.

Rock in Rio Lisboa – Dia 19 © Patrícia Rodrigues -ineews > 2022.06.19

At the Super Bock Digital Stage, where there is a unique atmosphere, the highlight is the band of the moment – Jovem Dionísio – and the iconic Toy – with an interactive concert, where spectators could choose the songs that the artist sang. Throughout the day, spectators were also treated to fun stand-up moments, dance shows, and lots of music. But Game Square is not far behind: the place where the animation was and will be constant, both on the Game Stage – with MoveMind and JoãoS92 – and in the activations that were happening around, between dancers and cosplayers.

At Chef’s Stage, the theme of the day was Earth. João Manzarra was the host of the most “desirable” stage in the City of Rock, and the show-cooking was in charge of the “kitchen” of Chef Justa Nobre, who is already a resident of the City of Rock.

Rock in Rio Lisboa – Dia 19 © Luís M. Serrão -ineews > 2022.06.19

The success of this first festival weekend was also reflected in digital:

  • The site received more than 132 thousand visits and the Official App of Rock in Rio Lisboa more than 18 thousand registrations/downloads.
  • Media coverage was equally impressive, with Ivete Sangalo, Black Eyed Peas, Muse and Liam Gallagher as the most cited artists online.
  • Rock in Rio Lisboa’s social networks was on fire, with around 290 published content, which generated around 206,400 interactions and more than 5,000,000 impressions.


But the party doesn’t stop! The doors open again on June 25th and there is still a lot of nostalgia to kill. After all, two days is a little short and there are 14 hours of experiences to enjoy in the City of Rock. The Organization’s recommendation continues to be that everyone arrives early: the doors open at 12:00 and between a Ferris Wheel Blink Blink, an ESC Online Sports Bar, a 7Up Slide, and much more, no one will want to miss a minute of fun. For the second weekend of Rock in Rio-Lisbon, the Mundo Stage will be dominated by Duran Duran, A-Ha, Post Malone, Anitta, and much more, while Galp Music Valley welcomes the irreverent Ney Matogrosso, brand the return of the Delfins to the Stages, receives, for the first time, José Cid and also, on the 26th of June, Mundo Segundo & Sam The Kid, Rebecca, and a party, as always, nonstop.

Rock in Rio Lisboa – Dia 19 © Luís M. Serrão -ineews > 2022.06.19

Not forgetting, of course, the most plural street in the City of Rock, which, in addition to the contagious street entertainment, hosts names such as Omar Souleyman, Arooj Aftab, Titica, and Johnny Hooker, among others. The digital world continues to be “in real life” in the most popular city in the country on the 25th and 26th of June, with surprising performances by Gilmário, Pijaminha de Cenas, Windoh Secret Project, Pierre Zago, Favela Lacroix, among many other content producers. On the Yorn Stage, Eva RapDiva, Phoenix RDC, GROGNation, Malabá, and many other new talents promise to make the City of Rock vibrate, which will then be able to recover energy and “taste” gastronomic moments in the new Continente Chef’s Garden.

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