Alentejo International Theater Festival opens today with 14 companies

This year’s edition of the International Festival of Theater of Alentejo (FITA), which brings together 14 companies from 10 countries, opens today with performances of three shows in the counties of Beja, Grândola and Santiago do Cacém.

FITA’s “kick-offs” are given at 9:30 pm with performances by “Tierras” shows by the company Teatro Ponto Azul, at the Pax Julia Municipal Theater in Beja, “Pareja Abierta” by Teatro Memórias, at Cineteatro Granadeiro, in Grândola, and “Kangalutas“, of the companies Lendias d’Encantar, Folha de Medronho and Teatro do Oprimido, at Padre António Macedo Secondary School, in Vila Nova de Santo André, in the municipality of Santiago do Cacém.

Until the 24th of this month, the 6th FITA, which is organized by the Theater Company Lendias d’Encantar, from Beja, will go through Lisbon and the Alentejo counties of Aljustrel, Almodôvar, Beja, Campo Maior, Elvas, Grândola, Mértola, Ponte de Sor and Santiago do Cacém.

During the 11 days of the FITA, which is “the largest theatre festival in the south of the Tagus“, Alentejo “will lose its status as a peripheral region of Portugal and Europe and become the centre of Ibero-American theatre in Portugal ” told António Revez, artistic director of the event.

Under the motto “Tanto Teatro em Alentejo“, FITA will include 41 theatre and dance performances from 14 companies in the ten counties, involving a total of 68 artists.

They are companies from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Guinea Bissau, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Dominican Republic and Uruguay, said António Revez, stressing that this year’s FITA “brings, for the first time, theater of Puerto Rico and Honduras.

In addition to the theatre and dance performances, FITA will include a parallel program in Beja consisting of five concerts and three informal conversations about theatre.

The Couple Coffee concerts on Friday, Sacapelastics on Saturday, Lokomotiv on the 22nd, and Trio Chapim and Hang The DJ, on the 23rd, will be held from 9.30pm at a restaurant in Beja.

The talks will be held on 18, 19 and 20, from 17:30, at a grocery store/cafeteria located in the Republic Square of Beja.

Toad of Another Well (Argentina), Collective The Connectors, Manual Theater and Luna Lunera (Brazil), La Fulana Theater (Chile), Teatro Punto Azul (Cuba), Theater of the Oppressed (Guiné-Bissau), Teatro Memories ArteBoricua (Puerto Rico), Contemporary Dance National of the Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic and MaDo y Trillo (Uruguay) are the foreign companies that will work in the FITA.

The Portuguese theater companies are Lendias d’Encantar, Loulé’s Folha de Medronho, and Certa do Varazim Teatro, in Póvoa de Varzim.

The 6th FITA ends on the 24th with the presentation of the show “Aqueles Dois“, from the Luna Lunera company, starting at 16:00, at the António Chainho Municipal Auditorium, in Santiago do Cacém.

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