Álex Fernández in an exclusive interview with Eleven

On last night’s Planeta ELEVEN program, Cádiz FC’s attacking midfielder, Alejandro “Álex” Fernández, gave an exclusive interview in which he addressed several topics, namely Cádiz’s good performance at the start of the LaLiga Santander 2020/21 season and the game of Sunday at home against Barcelona.

The young 28-year-old who started playing for Cádiz in 2017, also spoke about the goals for this season for LaLiga and the European leagues. Regarding his time at Real Madrid, Álex Fernández spoke about the importance of José Mourinho in his career, and what it was like to play with Cristiano Ronaldo, Fábio Coentrão, Pepe or Ricardo Carvalho. At the end of the interview, he spoke about João Félix and about Nacho’s career at Real Madrid and how he would come to Portugal.

Cádiz has been a revelation this season with surprising results, including the victory over Real Madrid, currently in the 6th position of the league table of LaLiga Santander, with 15 points, being behind Sevilla who has 16 points, but ahead of Barcelona who has 1 point less.

On the start of the 2020/21 season for LaLiga Santander, Álex Fernández said: “It is a great start for a team like us, recently promoted. It is not easy to score in this league. It is a very competitive and difficult league, but the truth is that being in sixth place after 11 rounds is our merit, for the good work we are doing, and we cannot put a limit on the time to look at the classification. The idea is undoubtedly to win, in every game we go to win.”

Regarding Sunday’s home game at the Ramón de Carranza stadium against Barcelona, ​​the Cadiz midfielder said: “We know the difficulty of the game. Barcelona are an excellent team, they play very well, and it is difficult to beat them. But I am confident in what we can do, I am very confident in my team, we have already achieved great victories this season and why not get another one against Barcelona”.

As for the objectives for this season, Álex Fernández did not hesitate: “The clear objective is to remain, After climbing a few months ago, and with the difficulty of reaching the first division, the clear objective is to remain another season in the first division. From there, if you get it right, if we are lucky or do the job of getting the maintenance done quickly, obviously we will fight for all possible goals, but with our feet on the ground. We have to think that Cádiz is a recent promoter and that we have to be humble, know where we are and what we can achieve”.

Currently positioned on the table for European places, and on the desire to fight for those same places, Álex Fernández concluded that “In football, two plus two are not four. In other words, it is not because we have just risen and we are one of the most humble teams or with the least budget that we will end up in the last places. It is quite the opposite. In football, the most beautiful thing is that the most humble achieve great things and at other times, the great ones also fall and are defeated by teams that a priori would not win them, as happened the other day with Real Madrid. But yes, if we achieve this permanence, I think that Cádiz can fight for these goals, but first we must achieve this longed-for permanence and be another year in LaLiga”,

About José Mourinho, Álex Fernández said that “he is someone very important in my career, it was the coach who gave me the opportunity to play in the first division and with the club of my entire life, Real Madrid. I will never have words to thank you, the affection and the trust you gave me. He is a winning coach, a great coach, a great person and my family owes him a lot, he is a great example for us”.

Asked which of the Portuguese players he most liked to play for at Real Madrid, whether Cristiano Ronaldo, Fábio Coentrão, Pepe or Ricardo Carvalho, Álex Fernández recalled: “They were incredible professionals, excellent players. The easiest thing would be to say that it was Cristiano because he is the best, he is an ace, a phenomenon, but the truth is that by way of speaking and speaking more, he was closer to Ricardo Carvalho and Pepe. They were people closer to the youngsters in the formation, they took care of us and treated us very well, and in the games I played at Real Madrid, they always treated me wonderfully, but of the four names mentioned the truth is that I always liked them as players and as people because they have always been close to me”.

On the career of his brother Nacho Fernández, central defender at Real Madrid, and how he would see his coming to Portugal, Álex Fernández confessed that: “The truth is that I would like Nacho to end his career at Real Madrid. It is a club that has given everything, it has been there since the age of 9. I think his perfect career is to finish there, and to be a man from one club. I think he can only win, he has many capacities to spend many more years at Real Madrid, but if there is a chance to leave, then Benfica and Porto are big and very important teams in Europe, and it would be a great possibility for Nacho”.

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