Alexandra Ramires wins National animated film prize

In September, 'Elo' was part of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) short film program.

‘Elo’ is a graphite animation on paper and without dialogues, with an argument by Alexandra Ramires and writer Regina Guimarães. This is the director’s first film in her own name, after co-signing “Água mole”, with Laura Gonçalves, who has 19 international awards.

The film, which was nominated for the Annie Awards, considered the ‘Oscars of Animation’, was awarded at several festivals, both national and international.

In the category of professional films, in addition to ‘Elo‘ and ‘Purpleboy‘, both produced by Bando À Parte, they were also named ‘Mesa‘, by illustrator João Fazenda, produced by Animanostra, ‘O peculiar crime do estranho senhor Jacinto’, by Bruno Caetano, from the COLA collective, and ‘Já tens idade para te preocupares com o cancro?’, by Raquel Felgueiras, produced by the Institute of Pathology and Molecular Immunology at the University of Porto.

This year, for the PNA, two dozen short animated film productions were chosen, divided into the Professional films, School films, and Workshop films categories.

Nestor‘, by João Gonzalez, produced by the Royal College of Art, won the category of Best School Film, in which an Honorable Mention was attributed to ‘(In)dividual’, by Beatriz Bagulho, produced by the University of the West of England.

In this category, seven more films competed: “Sundown“, by Ana Moniz, Camille Letouze, Juliette Brocal, She Ruitao and Zou Shanshan, “Dente d’Leão“, by Catarina Abrantes, Mariya Toma and Miguel Henriques, “Rachado“, by Ana Rodrigues, António Lucas, João Monteiro and Rita Branco, “Mother Trude“, by Tiago Miguel, “Being Uncanny”, by Filipa Alves and Maria Barbosa, “The adventures of the guy in space”, by Afonso Pelayo, and “Creature of habit“, by Beatriz Nunes Silva.

In this category were also named “Realidades”, “O guardião do papel”, “100 palavras”, and “Cerco-me de histórias”.

The National Animation Prize is an initiative of Casa da Animação, a cultural project born in 2001 in the context of the European Capital of Culture – Porto to promote and publicize Portuguese animation cinema production.

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