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Alfândega will receive a digital exhibition with works by Monet and Klimt, in Porto

An immersive digital art gallery, consisting of holograms and 360-degree projections, will open at Alfândega, in Porto.

An immersive digital art gallery, consisting of holograms and 360-degree projections, will open at Alfândega do Porto on August 21, with works by two painting geniuses – Monet and Klimt. The exhibition, which guarantees free admission for children up to five years old, will remain in the building’s underground space until November 15.

The exhibition entitled “Impressive Monet & Brilliant Klimt” will take the audience on an authentic journey through time, reflected in the works of two painters who were contemporary: Claude Monet and Gustav Klimt were both born in the 19th century and lived until the 20th century ( Monet: 1840 – 1926; Klimt: 1862 – 1918).

However, having lived at the same time, each of them stood out in a certain artistic current. French Monet is the ultimate exponent of Impressionism, while the Austrian Klimt will be forever linked to Symbolism.

In the part related to the digital gallery “Impressive Monet“, the work of the Parisian artist is reinterpreted in order to reveal “what is beyond the pictures, the landscapes, the events and everything that is hidden, in essence, what is not see inside the frame“, says the production.

In “Brilliant Klimt“, the visitor will be seduced, without realizing it, by the iconic painting “The Kiss“, the guiding thread of a life journey and by the Austrian painter’s artistic legacy, functioning as “a subliminal GPS of the other works of the author”.

The Immersivus Gallery, located in the underground of Alfândega do Porto, will be open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 10.30 to 20 hours. Admission for children up to 5 years old will be free, and ticket prices vary between €5 and €9. The visit to the gallery will also follow all the preventive measures indicated by the health authorities.

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