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Algoriffix announces availability of its assistive music AI technology

After beta testing, Algoriffix launches a revised and updated Web service for instrumental solo and vocal melody transcription and polyphonic music analysis and unveils further details of its soon-to-be-launched mobile app for creative artists.

Algoriffix’ aspiration is to help unlock the potential of musicians, songwriters, and music producers with the help of computational creativity. A grant from Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova was used to co-fund the development of a minimum viable product (MVP).

The Web service is a creative access point for students as well as for professionals. You simply upload your unaccompanied solo performance or melody and Algoriffix recognises the tonal patterns and reasons out the meter and harmony that fit best your performance. On top of it, it recommends a chord progression. The Web service is expected to launch after the Web Summit.

The mobile app is to be launched in early 2021 on Android under the name “Jammin”. It will initially offer the same functionality as the Web service but in real time, thus enabling a musical conversation between human and machine.

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