Alice and Wonderland

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AM LIVE, producer of musical shows on ice, a company belonging to the AM Experience Group universe, specialized in creating family entertainment experiences, was awarded the maximum ceiling of the Garantir Cultura Program, in the amount of 75 thousand euros. The support will allow to relaunch and recreate the “Magia no Gelo” project, in which families, companies and schools will be able to watch the show “Alice and the Wonderland”, adapted by Mafalda Santos, from the original text signed by herself, Nuno Markl and Francisco Martiniano Palma.

The “Magia no Gelo” portal was launched at Christmas last year to face the pandemic and the impossibility of presenting live shows and had access to 100,000 users. Currently, it is part of AM Experience Group’s strategy, which increasingly seeks to offer hybrid and digital events and experiences, thus adapting to the new habits of cultural consumers.

AM LIVE applied for the Guarantor Culture Program, universal support (non-competitive), aimed at mitigating the impacts of the pandemic crisis in the cultural sector and encouraging the gradual resumption of its activity, allowing the remuneration of work artistic and technical, with a project of more than 138,000 euros.

The new socio-economic paradigm that emerged in the pandemic context triggered a profound transformation in the forms of visibility, dissemination and consumption of cultural content. That’s what led, as early as March of last year, to start working on the ‘Magia no Gelo’ portal, with the objective of offering a digital platform that would enhance our activity beyond physical spaces”, explains Bruno Galvão, executive director of AM LIVE, an AM Experience Group company and responsible for designing live and digital entertainment shows and experiences.

In 2020, the portal offered two of the company’s most successful shows – “O Feiticeiro de Oz no Gelo” and “O Peter Pan no Gelo” – and hours of other content related to the two musicals, such as storytelling, costume workshops and magic, karaoke with the music of the shows, among others.

As cultural producers, we feel we have an added responsibility towards our main target audience, and sharing messages is essential. We are aware that children are now very exposed to low-quality digital content and, in this sense, we seek to offer an experience not only of entertainment, but also educational and, for this, we count on the help of a community of teachers who, for years, watch our shows”, highlights Bruno Galvão, adding that the content that will be made available this year, in addition to being filmed and produced specifically for the online environment, introducing interactiveness as an essential function, will have as its main message the mental health of children. “We believed that to get a message across at this level, it made perfect sense to resort to the craziest story there is.” After all, as Gato says in the original script by Nuno Markl, Francisco Martiniano Palma and Mafalda Santos, “we are all crazy, that’s why we live in this country [of Wonders]”.

The “Magia no Gelo” portal will be available from November 25th to January 1st, 2021, and filming is currently taking place.

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