Aline Frazão presents the music video for the song Kwanza Sul

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  • Theme from the artist’s latest album, Uma Música Angolana
  • A collection of hand-shot images

On her 34th birthday, Aline Frazão presents us with a music video for ‘Kwanza Sul’, a theme taken from ‘Uma Música Angolana’, the artist’s latest album. This video filmed by several people – 34, more precisely – takes us on a journey through different lives and perspectives and the moments they chose to capture.

There is the sky, there is the sea, there is countryside and city, and there are different and contrasting lives that intertwine harmoniously in this collection of images that make up the video.

About the song, Aline tells us that «Kwanza Sul is, for me, the highlight of Uma Música Angolana. It was when I wrote this song that I understood that I had an album in my hands, that there was a path, that there was a story. Kwanza Sul speaks of “places of peace” – and obviously that can be a lot. Everyone will know theirs: our home, a certain hug, a meditative pause, a landscape, a temple, a good memory, a secret dream. For me, it’s probably that irreplaceable and rare feeling of “home”.»

Este é um videoclipe colaborativo, coordenado por Fradique, com imagens gravadas de Luanda a Nova Iorque, passando por Berlim, Barcelona e São Paulo, nas quais podemos ver alguns amigos e alguns artistas chegados de Aline, como o artista plástico angolano Kiluanji Kia Henda, as cantoras Luedji Luna, Sara Serpa e Nath Rodrigues, os actores Paulo Pascual e Matamba Joaquim, e ainda Toty Sa’Med, Nayela e César Lacerda. O desafio lançado foi lembrar algumas das maneiras com que ocupavam o tempo durante os primeiros confinamentos da pandemia.

Aline conta-nos que «no dia do meu 34º aniversário recebo esta emocionante surpresa que me deixou sem palavras: o videoclip de “Kwanza Sul”, com imagens de tantas amizades espalhadas pelos quatro cantos do mundo, desde Luanda, Barcelona, Nova Iorque, Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Lisboa, Berlim, Namibe… O projecto deste video foi coordenado pelo Fradique, que recolheu os testemunhos que as pessoas gravaram nas suas casas, nas suas rotinas, lembrando o confinamento e os primeiros passos fora dele. Fico profundamente emocionada ao reencontrar, desta forma tão bonita, tanta gente a quem gostaria de dar um abraço neste dia. Fico também muito agradecida por ser este o video de Kwanza Sul, uma música muito importante para mim e cuja mensagem tem ecoado forte depois do lançamento de Uma Música Angolana, como um jogo de espelhos. É sobre isso esta música. Sobre a intimidade de cada um e cada uma de nós. Sobre não desistir de encontrar paz. É sobre nós. Muito obrigada a toda a gente que participa no vídeo, por este maravilhoso presente, por este lembrete. “Lá fora o mundo acaba, mas cá dentro não.”»

This is a collaborative music video, coordinated by Fradique, with images recorded from Luanda to New York, passing through Berlin, Barcelona, and São Paulo, in which we can see some friends and some artists close to Aline, such as the Angolan artist Kiluanji Kia Henda, singers Luedji Luna, Sara Serpa, and Nath Rodrigues, actors Paulo Pascual and Matamba Joaquim, as well as Toty Sa’Med, Nayela, and César Lacerda. The challenge launched was to remember some of the ways in which they occupied their time during the first confinements of the pandemic.

Aline tells us that «on my 34th birthday I receive this exciting surprise that left me speechless: the video clip for “Kwanza Sul”, with images of so many friendships spread across the four corners of the world, from Luanda, Barcelona, ​​New York, Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Lisbon, Berlin, Namibe… The project for this video was coordinated by Fradique, who collected the testimonies that people recorded in their homes, in their routines, remembering the confinement and the first steps outside it. I am deeply moved to meet, in such a beautiful way, so many people whom I would like to give a hug on this day. I am also very grateful for this being the video for Kwanza Sul, a very important song for me and whose message has echoed strongly after the release of Uma Música Angolana, like a game of mirrors. That’s what this song is about. About the intimacy of each and every one of us. About not giving up on finding peace. It’s about us. Thank you so much to everyone who participates in the video, for this wonderful gift, for this reminder. “Outside the world ends, but inside it doesn’t.”»

Uma Música Angolana is available on CD and on all digital platforms.


  • 2nd of July – Festival MED – Loulé
  • 16th of July – Vila Real Theater (Outside Auditorium) – Vila Real
  • 23th of July – World Music Festival – Sines
  • 24th of July – Hafensommer Festival – Würzburg, Germany
  • 30th of July – Bari, Italy
  • 5th of August – Honeylake Festival – Germany

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