Aline Frazão debuts “Luz Foi” a song full of hope

“Luz Foi” is the new single by Aline Frazão, a song dedicated to the duty of reflection and action on the current state of her country and also the world, in a broader sense.

The theme is today edited, regarding the 45th anniversary of the Independence of Angola. November 11 is Angola’s National Day, where Aline was born and established.

It is with poetic sweetness and dreams of equality, that Aline gives voice to those who want to be light and demand real transformations, for a more just and balanced society. An active voice in the fight for human rights, it invites us to accompany it in this mission to be a transforming force and to resist in hope.

“Luz Foi” has lyrics and music by Aline Frazão, was recorded between Luanda and Lisbon in October, with a new band – formation with which Aline will record the next album, which he plans to edit in 2021. The video continues the partnership with Fradique , who joined Cafuxi.

Now available in digital exclusive to see and hear on video, streaming and download platforms.

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