All Music Fest 2020 is back this month

All Music Fest will return to Melgaço this January. The first concert is scheduled for the 18th at Casa da Cultura.

The performance of the Portuguese duo Fado Violado opens the new season of shows that, until May, brings five names to this municipality. Captain Faust, Omiri, Melgaço Sings Freedom and Txiribiti are the other proposals.
Concerts start at 10 pm and tickets are now available here.

In recent years, various bands and genres have passed through the Culture House, including Manuel Furia, Few Fingers, Hourglass, TT Syndicate, Lynx, Zurich Dada, Twisted, Noiserv and Hot Air Balloon. With another edition of this initiative, the municipality intends to enrich the cultural program it offers, also boosting the tourist offer.

18 January 2020 – 10 pm
Culture House – Melgaço
Fado Violado

Fado Violado, a Portuguese music project that crosses Fado with Flamenco, was born in Seville in 2008 by Ana Pinhal and Francisco Almeida.
In 2003, Francisco had his first contact with the flamenco guitar, having later made several workshops and master classes in Cordoba and Seville. At 27 he went back to Seville where for three years he studied flamenco guitar at Fundación Cristina Heer. Ana Pinhal began to dedicate herself to the song Pop, Bossa Nova and MPB, until, in 2002, she joined the choirs of BoiteZuleika, a band with which she would work until her extinction (2006), participating in the album “Éramos Assim” (2005). The desire to learn more leads her to attend music training and singing classes. His first contact with Cante Flamenco was provided by Francisco, who by this time was already interested in the flamenco guitar. The curiosity that art aroused in her made her move to Seville where for three years she also studied singing at the Fundación Cristina Heere. Surprisingly it was in Seville, perhaps because of homesickness, that fado won his heart and it was from communion with Francisco’s guitar that Fado Violado was born. Now accompanied by Portuguese guitar, bass, percussion and palm trees, Fado Violado presented their first album “A Jangada de Pedra” in Portugal, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Romania and the Netherlands.

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