All Teresa Villaverde’s cinema passes through Serralves

The film by Portuguese director Teresa Villaverde will be shown this month in Serralves, Porto, in an integral retrospective about a filmmaker who “never ceased to be attentive to the urgency of time, contradictory and uncomfortable.”

According to the Serralves Foundation, the retrospective is organized by essayist António Preto and will take place from November 16 to 25, with Teresa Villaverde’s entire cinema, among experimental short films, fiction and documentary.

Born in Lisbon in 1966, Teresa Villaverde “belongs to the group of filmmakers who affirm themselves in Portugal in the 1990s”, contemporary with names like Pedro Costa and João Canijo, but “it is nevertheless – for its journey, or while woman director – a case in point, “the foundation said.

As part of this retrospective, essayist António Preto points out in the program that Teresa Villaverde “always faced in a paradoxical way” issues such as “melancholy and revolt, the feeling of orphanhood, the questioning of an unsuitable youth, the hostility of the urban space “.

The film series will start with “The Mutants”, 1998, the film about the dysfunctional life of three young misfits of society, starring Ana Moreira, Alexandre Pinto and Nelson Varela.

Not being fixedly chronological, the retrospective dedicates the first days to the works of Teresa Villaverde of the 1990s, including ‘The Bigger Age’ (1991) and ‘Three Brothers’ (1994).

On the 21st, the experimental short film ‘Cold wa (te) r’ (2004), which is part of the European anthology ‘Visions of Europe’, and the fiction ‘Transe’, will be shown in the Serralves auditorium.

The documentary ‘For clarity’ (2004), about the plastic artist Pedro Cabrita Reis, ‘Colo’, the most recent fiction, anchored in the recent current economic recession, will be remembered by the end of the cycle, and ‘The thermometer of Galileo’, about the Italian director Tonino De Bernardi.

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