All units of Hotels Real Group have been recognized with We Care and We Share stamps by AHP

Under the motto ATTITUDE TRANSFORMING, the Real Hotels Group has for many years contributed positively to the local communities where its units are located, socially with the REALLY HELP program and environmentally with the WE GO GREEN program.

Caring for the environment, privileging partnerships with tourism entities that promote the preservation of the environment and local traditions and contribute to the improvement of living standards and the reduction of social disparities. Betting on Portuguese, using local products in restaurants, bars and spas and supporting local entities and associations are just some of the examples of Grupo Real’s initiatives.

Thus, through the HOSPES Program and based on the social and environmental responsibility policies and programs practiced in 2018, this year, AHP was awarded the WE SHARE social responsibility and WE CARE environmental responsibility labels to all units of the Hotels Real Group.

HOSPES is the corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability program of AHP, the Hotel Association of Portugal. The program aims to guide the vocation and commitment of Portuguese hotels to a common cause: to promote sustainable and responsible growth of the sector, acting in three vectors – social, economic and environmental.

Since 2015, AHP has distinguished member hotels with these triple objective labels: Distinguishing hotels that contribute to the sustainable and responsible development of the sector through AHP projects and initiatives; Involve hoteliers in the theme of social responsibility and environmental sustainability; Create public recognition by displaying and affixing the stamps as certificates of socially and environmentally compromised companies.

Some REALLY HELP Social Responsibility Projects that were based on the “We Share” seal:

ANNUAL ACTION MIMAR – Every year, the Real Hotels Group promotes the mobilization of employees, family and friends, who, over the course of a day, “leave the work done” through the benefit of partner entities or associations. In 2018, around 60 employees performed a thorough cleaning, minor repairs and tidying of MIMAR facilities.

MIMAR beneficiary children, family members and friends of employees also enjoyed throughout the day an animation program promoted by the Animation teams of the Real Hotels Group.

DONATIONS – Donation of end-of-life resources to associations and entities other than a new life to them. The most donated goods are bedding, pillows and mattresses, totaling 2,669 donated goods.

LOCAL PRODUCTS – About 70% of the products consumed at the units are purchased from local producers in order to stimulate the local economy.

MEALS – Meal preparation for various local entities and associations, with a total of 39,747 meals served in 2018.

Some WE GO GREEN Environmental Responsibility Projects based on the “We Care” seal:

RIA FORMOSA CLEANING ACTION – in 2018 the 5th edition of Ria Formosa cleaning took place, with about 160 volunteers and the collection of about 4.5 tons of waste from Armona Island, between Olhão and Fuseta bar, and Marim Park.

EARTH HOUR – Annual participation by reducing lighting in the units’ public areas as well as turning off chillers whenever possible. This initiative has the participation of clients and employees of the Real Hotels Group.

ENERGY CONSUMPTION REDUCTION AND WATER MANAGEMENT – installation of water consumption reduction systems and machines with economical operation programs.

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