Local accommodation: properties in Portugal with 90% occupancy in July

  • During this month Portugal represented a third of the more than 16 thousand reservations made in the more than 30 cities where GuestReady is active;
  • The leading vacation rental property management company expects August to reach a higher occupancy rate;
  • GuestReady manages more than a thousand properties on national soil and between July 2019 and July 2022 saw its portfolio grow by 350%.

The month of July saw an occupancy rate of 90% in local accommodation properties in Portugal, a rate 25% higher than in July 2019, announces GuestReady, a leading short-term holiday rental property management company. medium duration.

“Local accommodation is experiencing a period of great demand. Our occupancy rate in Portugal is higher than our global average. In our country, we have mainly received foreign guests, but we also continue to receive many Portuguese,” says Rui Silva, Managing Director of GuestReady in Portugal and Spain.

Present in more than thirty cities on two continents, GuestReady has now presented more positive results than in the pre-pandemic period, not only locally but globally: the global occupancy rate also recorded a growth of 25% compared to the same month of 2019

These numbers show how tourism is consolidating its post-pandemic recovery worldwide, including Portugal,” explains Rui Silva, adding that Portugal represented a third of the more than 16,000 reservations managed by GuestReady during the month of July in all the markets where the company is present: United Kingdom, France, United Arab Emirates and also Spain.

It should be remembered that, since GuestReady entered Portugal at the end of 2018, it soon conquered the market, now managing more than a thousand properties across the country, most of them in the north. This portfolio also continued to grow even during the pandemic period: between July 2019 and July 2022 GuestReady reported a 350% growth in its portfolio in the Portuguese market.

Globally, GuestReady currently manages almost 4,000 properties in the more than 30 cities where it operates, currently having an average annual occupancy rate of around 80%.

Our complete service – from booking to handing over the keys to the guest – has allowed us to gain the trust of owners and visitors,” explains Rui Silva. A confidence that will continue to gain throughout this month, which represents the peak of summer and of demand in Portugal. “We are very confident that August will exceed all expectations and will have an even higher occupancy rate than July.

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