Already resolved the more than 100 occurrences of the weekend in the Azores

The bad weather that took place over the weekend, in the Azores, due to the Kyllian depression, caused more than 100 occurrences like floods, overthrows and interrupted routes, already resolved situations, according to the Azorean Civil Protection.

“At the moment, the situations are all resolved, although there are houses that need repairs, they are being carried out very efficiently,” added Carlos Neves, president of the Regional Civil Protection and Fire Service of the Azores. statements.

The official spoke in Ponta Delgada, island of São Miguel, on the sidelines of the ceremony of delivery of satellite phones, within the scope of the Satellite Network of the Regional Service of Civil Protection and Firemen of the Azores.

Carlos Neves mentioned that the islands of the Central group (Terceira, São Jorge, Pico, Graciosa, and Faial) were “the hardest hit” by the bad weather of the weekend, while in the Western group (Flores and Corvo), ” where there was a higher wind intensity, there were only three occurrences without gravity “.

On Terceira Island, it was necessary to temporarily relocate six families, four in Angra do Heroísmo and two in Praia da Vitória, and the president of the Civil Protection of the Azores pointed out that “the situation was quickly resolved and all families are housed.”

“The situations were resolved throughout Saturday with the collaboration of all entities with responsibility for civil protection and security forces,” he said, noting that on Sunday in Angra do Heroísmo (Terceira), in Pico and São Jorge, there were still some floods, but occurrences were also promptly resolved.

Due to bad weather, some roads of the Azores were closed to traffic and several ports were also closed.

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