Alves Baby released the first single from their next album

Without great definitions of themselves as a band, Alves Baby have just released the single ‘Sarrafo’ which is accompanied by a video clip.

The Lisbon band is currently completing the recording and editing of the album ‘Bonito Serviços’, which should be available in 2021.

With a sound based on alternative instrumental rock, Alves Baby promise to bring a fresh and new approach to the genre. After all, this is a band that makes narratives constructed without a voice, but with a huge palette of sound words, its modus operandi. In each song, a journey. On each chord, a ticket to a new soundscape. With influences too big to name, Alves Baby make songs in instrumental rock, with influences from alternative rock, indie rock, ambient music, space rock, neopsychedelia, dream pop, shoegazing, chillwave or whatever you want to be pointed out to them.

Bands like the Portuguese Linda Martini or the Scottish Mogwai can be considered as influences. Among many others. In fact, the band doesn’t waste a minute thinking about it.

Indeed, it is not on belonging to a musical genre that the collective focuses. Instead, it is in the narratives and musical plots of his themes, in the environmental journeys, and in the explosions of sound, that André Sousa, on guitar; Bruno Gonçalves, on bass; and Hugo Pinto, on drums; focus.

All of them from the city of Lisbon, so full of sound narratives in itself, and members of other projects and music stops over the last 20 years, started their journey, while Alves Baby, in 2012, when they launched, on an experimental basis, the EP ‘Rissol Aquecido’.

Since then, several themes have been worked on and thought about. And 2021 is the year of the release of new music for this band. The first song entitled ‘Sarrafo’ is now available on all digital music platforms and its video clip can be found on the Youtube website.

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