Alves Baby launch a new single and a crowdfunding campaign

Lisbon band Alves Baby launched a crowdfunding campaign with the aim of editing the album “Bonito Serviço“. Alongside this initiative, last Friday, November 12th, the collective released its new single entitled Granada de Água Benta.

After, in June 2021, the Portuguese band Alves Baby – formed by André Sousa, on the guitar; Bruno Gonçalves, on the bass; and Hugo Pinto, on the drums – have released their first single, called Sarrafo, from what is also the collective’s first long-lasting album, this week the band launched a crowdfunding campaign. The objective is clear: to get the support and involvement of the public needed and to have sufficient funds to pay for the production, promotion, and licensing of the album “Bonito Serviço“. For this, the Alves Baby need all the support they can muster. If the campaign, which ends on November 30, is successful, the new album should be available in December.

However, and to whet the appetite of those who already follow the band, Alves Baby released on Friday, November 12th, their second single, Granada de Água Benta, available on digital music platforms and which will also be accompanied by an official video clip, which can be found on Youtube. Using a visual language that won’t leave anyone indifferent, the band is getting ready to talk with this new video.

Alves Baby promises to bring a fresh and new approach to the genre with a sound based on the alternative instrumental rock. After all, this is a band that makes the narratives constructed without a voice, but with a huge palette of sound words, its modus operandi. In each song, a journey. On each chord, a ticket to a new soundscape. With influences too big to name, Alves Baby make songs in instrumental rock, with influences from alternative rock, indie rock, ambient music, space rock, neopsycodelia, dream pop, shoegazing, chillwave, or whatever you want to be pointed out to them. Bands like the Portuguese Linda Martini or the Scottish Mogwai can be considered as influences. Among many others.

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