Alves dos Santos and Fazedores de Sonhos in “A Tempestade e a Calma”

sung by Mariana de Figueiredo

“A Tempestade e a Calma” is the first single from Os Fazedores de Sonhos, taken from the brand new album, Alves dos Santos e os Fazedores de Sonhos, which will be released on March 17th.

Fazedores de Sonhos is made up of a group of artists who have in common their passion for Poetry and Music. And it was this passion that led them to embark on an innovative project that seeks, above all, to promote Poetry by combining, in the same album, both sung and recited poems.

This first theme, by the voice of Mariana de Figueiredo, “A Tempestade e a Calma”, is the musical embodiment of the poem with the same name, a poem that overcomes natural and emotional barriers to continue navigating towards the destiny desired by every human being: a love achieved even if not explicitly confessed.

Mariana de Figueiredo, since she was a little girl, had a great fascination for music, especially singing. She starts by being self-taught to play some instruments. And in her teens, she began her study of singing in the Pop/R&B/Jazz area. She starts by attending voice classes with singing teacher Ricardo Silva and solfeggio with maestro Pedro Duarte. She starts studying jazz with guitarist Alexandre Bento. And in this sense, she joined the jazz degree at the Lusíada University in Lisbon, with Joana Machado, Massimo Cavalli, and Ricardo Pinheiro as professors. And still taking private voice lessons with teacher Vânia Fernandes.

She also starts a career in the fado world, starting by singing fado in some fado houses, and becoming a resident in a house in Alfama during the last four years.

In 2020, she is invited by RTP2 to pay homage to Amália Rodrigues to celebrate the centenary of her birth, in a program called “Anda o Sol na Minha Rua” in which the fado singer sings and plays some of the fados that immortalized the greatest diva in the world. Fado. In addition to being a fado singer, she is also a lyricist and composer, working on several musical projects.

The Dream Makers are:
Alves dos Santos (Poet and Executive Producer)
Ricardo Gordo (Musician and Producer)
Catarina Guerreiro (Actress)
Mariana de Figueiredo (Singer and Songwriter)
Nuno Pereira (Actor)
Helena Ribeiro (Singer)

Alves dos Santos

Author, Poet and Executive Producer of the album “A Tempestade e a Calma” and the book “Os Fazedores de Sonhos”

Born on February 4, 1978, in the South African city of Johannesburg but raised in Machico, the land where the Portuguese discoverers of the beautiful island of Madeira first set foot, Alves dos Santos is, like most humans, a complex being with some qualities and, at least, the same number of defects but who continues, even so, to be passionate about life in all its dimensions.

And it was in this way, in trying to embrace all these dimensions, that he became a top executive of a multinational company, an athlete, and later a squash coach, an activist, a compulsive reader, and a writer. But this only represents what Alves dos Santos did and not who he really is.

Those who deal with him will probably say that he describes things as he sees them, without sugarcoating the pill, without subterfuge, but always with a constructive vision of someone who seeks to transform our reality.
He will also say that Alves dos Santos constantly challenges himself and others so that we are all agents of a transformation through Love and for Love.

But, above all, they will say that Alves dos Santos is a dreamer of dreams who has the perseverance and determination to make them come true.

And it is perhaps for all this that Alves dos Santos has been defined as a writer who, both in his Poetry and in his Prose, is capable of courageously breaking into the human spirit and extracting from those deepest entrails the hidden truths, doubts, and fears. fears.

In his words, we find the beauty of an effervescent core, a mixture of pure air and volcanic aromas that envelops the reader and transports him into the lives of the characters, in intimate transparency and in environments of sky and light that change step by step, but above all, we find a portrait of a man who lives in collusion with discovery, with truth and above all with life.

Published Books:
A Man at Sea (2021)
O Livro de Todos os Pecados (2019)
Fragmentos de lo Cotidiano (2018)
O Arrais (2017)
Fragmentos do Quotidiano (2016)
Poemas de Amor e Outros Labirintos (2014)

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