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The 32nd edition of the Amadora International Comics Festival has already started, and until November 1st, you can see in the Festival spaces, Ski Skate Amadora Park – Central Nucleus and in the Artur Bual and Bedeteca Municipal Gallery, several exhibitions where it receives more of a dozen international authors.

Amadora BD
Created in 1990, Amadora BD is an initiative of the Municipality of Amadora, it is the most important comic book festival in Portugal and one of the most acclaimed at the European level. The annual program brings together authors, editors, agents and collectors of different nationalities in autograph sessions, exhibitions, launches, workshops and presentations.

As part of Amadora BD, the Amadora Comics Awards, every year, distinguished authors and young people who stand out in the field of Comics.

Amadora BD 2021.10.21 ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews
O que poderá ver este ano na Amadora BD

Núcleo Central | Ski Skate Amadora Park
80 Anos de Diana, a Mulher-Maravilha: Guerreira e Pacifista
Oito décadas depois da sua criação, a Princesa Diana da Ilha de Themyscira, mais conhecida como Mulher-Maravilha, continua tão ou mais relevante do quando apareceu em 1941.
Uma das maiores guerreiras do universo fictício da DC Comics, a super-heroína de origem greco-romana foi incumbida, pelos deuses da mitologia grega e pelas suas irmãs amazonas, de trazer a paz e a fraternidade ao Mundo. Defendendo os valores democráticos e pacifistas da cultura helenística e da sociedade feminista da sua terra-natal, a natureza dicotómica da Mulher-Maravilha foi inspiração para muitos artistas de banda desenhada tendo contribuído fortemente para a preservação da personagem ao longo de oito décadas. O que era uma estranha mistura de guerra e paz, transformou a Mulher-Maravilha num dos mais poderosos arquétipos do Universo DC, ao lado do Super-Homem e do Batman, perfazendo a Santíssima Trindade da editora de banda desenhada dos EUA.
A acompanhar esta exposição retrospetiva, marcarão presença no Amadora BD 2021 alguns dos mais conceituados ilustradores da DC Comics que se destacam pelo trabalho desenvolvido com a personagem: o catalão Álvaro Martínez Bueno e os portugueses Miguel Mendonça e Daniel Henriques.

What can you see this year in Amadora BD

Central Core | Ski Skate Amateur Park
80 Years of Diana, Wonder Woman: Warrior and Pacifist
Eight decades after her creation, Princess Diana of Themyscira Island, better known as Wonder Woman, remains as or more relevant than when she first appeared in 1941.
One of the greatest warriors of the DC Comics fictional universe, the superheroine of Greco-Roman origin was tasked, by the gods of Greek mythology and her Amazon sisters, to bring peace and brotherhood to the world. Defending the democratic and pacifist values ​​of the Hellenistic culture and the feminist society of her homeland, Wonder Woman’s dichotomous nature was an inspiration to many comic strip artists who have contributed strongly to the character’s preservation over eight decades. What was a strange mixture of war and peace, turned Wonder Woman into one of the most powerful archetypes in the DC Universe, alongside Superman and Batman, making up the Holy Trinity of the US comic book publisher.
Accompanying this retrospective exhibition will be present at Amadora BD 2021 some of the most respected illustrators from DC Comics who stand out for their work with the character: the Catalan Álvaro Martínez Bueno and the Portuguese Miguel Mendonça and Daniel Henriques.

Amadora BD 2021.10.21 ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews

75 Years of Lucky Luke: The Morris Heirs
In the year it celebrates its 75th birthday, the most popular cowboy in comic book history returns to Amadora BD with an exhibition that honours the authors who had the “ungrateful” mission to succeed the character’s creator.
After Morris’s passing in 2001, Achdé continued to design the classic series, and other creators (such as Matthieu Bonhomme, Bouzard and Mawil) developed more personal approaches to the cowboy who shoots faster than his own shadow. It is these different visions of the iconic character that will be highlighted in this exhibition that brings to Amadora BD 2021 Achdé e Mawil.

The History of Manga
In Japanese “manga” refers to all comics in general, however, in the West, the term is only used when referring to comics with very specific characteristics of Japanese culture.
The history and evolution of this type of comic book – created in the Western tradition and that does not forget the traditional Japanese characteristics – is featured for the first time in Amadora BD, presenting an exhibition that takes us to 8th century Japan and the origins of manga.

Michel Vaillant: the (next) challenge
Michel Vaillant is an unavoidable name in the world of European comics but also in the automobile world. Its creator, Jean Graton, designed a universe around a large family of car manufacturers and his stories, inspired by facts, scenarios and great real car events, mix the hero Michel with real characters from the automotive world.
A target of curiosity for numerous authors – such as Benjamin Beneteau and Marc Bourgne, who this year are featured in Amadora BD – the Michel Vaillant series integrates numerous references to Portugal with past adventures in our country. Rally in Portugal, The Man from Lisbon or Meeting in Macau, are some of the stories that will be part of the exhibition that marks the return of the International Comics Festival of Amadora (FIBDA) to the face-to-face mode.

Luís Louro – Amadora BD 2021.10.21 ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews

Raven V: Intimate Enemies
Luis Louro – winner of the Best Portuguese Comic Book Award, in the 2020 edition of the Amadora Comics Awards – presents us in this exhibition the fifth volume of the adventures of his most iconic character, created in 1994: Corvo.
The Crow V – Inimigos Íntimos is an (intense and surprising) journey through Vicente’s (sub)consciousness, which tells us how characters and traumas from the past gave birth to the most unconscious hero of all times. (Almost) always with the night of its Lisbon as its backdrop, Corvo fights its fearsome winged enemies and the most unexpected evildoers. Will Vincent be able to find help to face his own demons? Will he manage to escape the temptation? Are we finally going to discover the secret of Raven’s samosas?

Artur Bual Municipal Gallery
The good Son returns home. Jorge Miguel’s retrospective.
Born in Amadora, Jorge Miguel built his career in comics and illustration. Since 2012 – fruit of his collaboration with the publisher Humanöides Associés – the designer’s work has been better known in France and in the U.S.A. than in his own country, so this first retrospective exhibition, in the land where he was born, corrects this gap. Presenting the different facets of Jorge Miguel’s work in graphic arts, comics, illustration and painting is the objective of this exhibition that is very representative of the quantity and quality of Jorge Miguel’s work. In the exhibition, his last two works for the French market stand out: Shanghai Dream (published in Portugal in 2020) and Sapiens Imperium (to be launched during the Festival).

Marcello Quintanilha: Chão de Estrelas.
Marcello Quintanilha was born in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and began his career in 1988, since then signing comics in publications such as O Estado de São Paulo, Le Monde, Heavy Metal, Internazionale, among others.
Animation director, he regularly collaborates as an illustrator in newspapers and magazines (such as La Vanguardia, El País or Playboy) and also signs drawings for the Sept Balles pour Oxford series. He is the author of the albums Fealdade by Fabiano Gorila, Tungstênio (also adapted to the cinema), Talco de Vidro, O ateneu, Hinário Nacional, Luzes de Niterói, Folia de Reis, released in Portugal by the publisher Polvo
In 2021, he released Escuta, Formosa Márcia (Polvo Editora) and will also be present in the current edition of the Festival Amadora BD.

Deviation, by Bernardo P. Carvalho and Ana Pessoa
Winning work of the Best Portuguese Illustrator Award, from the 2020 edition of the Amadora Comics Awards, promoted by Amadora BD.
It’s summer. His parents went on vacation and so did his friends… His girlfriend asked him for a break and Miguel has the house all to himself. He watches television, plays computer, reads the codebook and the world seems suspended in the heat. “All I want is for nothing to happen. May everything remain as it is. The very quiet planet. With its law of gravity, its traffic rules.” Where will this detour take?

Among the confirmed international appearances at Amadora BD 2021, emphasis is also given to Georges Bess (with an exhibition, on display at the Núcleo Central, dedicated to his comic book adaptation of the classic Drácula, by Bram Stoker), Philippe Thirault (scriptwriter for the illustrated book by Jorge Miguel, Shanghai Dream), authors of the book O Burlão das Índias – Guarnido (drawer) and Alain Ayroles (screenwriter) – Frank Pé (author of the new comic book adaptation of the character Marsupilami), Lúcio Oliveira (author of the popular Brazilian series Edibar) and Bechara Maalouf (American collector).

In addition to the exhibitions that can be visited in person in the Festival’s 3 areas – Sky Skate Amadora Park, Artur Bual Municipal Gallery and Bedeteca –, Amadora BD 2021 also includes several activities that, in a hybrid format and comply with the requirements imposed by the Covid pandemic -19, complete this year’s program. Presentations, releases and workshops are some of the parallel activities related to the theme of comics, whose calendar is available at
The event will culminate with the usual awards ceremony for the Amadora Comics Awards (PBDA) which, this year, for the first time, award a pecuniary prize worth €5,000 to the Best Comic Book by a Portuguese author.

Ski Skate Amateur Park
Monday to Thursday: from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Monday to Friday: from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Saturdays: from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Closed on Sundays and holidays

Artur Bual Municipal Gallery
Tuesday to Saturday and public holidays: from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Sundays: from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Closed on Monday


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