AmadoraBD has chosen nominees for the 2018 awards

‘The Regressions’ by Pedro Moura and Marta Teives, ‘Santa Camarão’ by Xavier Almeida, and ‘Silêncio’, an anthology of The Lisbon Studio, are the three most nominated albums for the national comic book awards of the AmadoraBD festival today announced.

‘Regresos’, ‘Santa Camarão’ and ‘Silêncio’ have in common the nominations for best Portuguese album, best argument and best drawing, followed by ‘Comer e Beber’ by Filipe Melo and Juan Cavia, and ‘Dragomante’ of Filipe Faria and Manuel Morgado, with two nominations, for best album and best argument, the same number of ‘Nem Todos os Cactos Têm Picos’, by Mosi, candidate for best album and best drawing.

The list of books and authors nominated for AmadoraBD’s national cartoon awards, awarded each year during the festival, was announced today, distributing the candidates by ten categories, which distinguish the best album from BD, the best author, the best drawing, the best foreign book, the best illustrator and the best fanzine, among other areas.

The best argument candidates also include Filipe Duarte Pina’s “Monsters”, from the anthology “Silêncio”, which also gives a better designation to Ricardo Cabral for “Ritual”. Fábio Veras, for ‘Garden of the Specters’, and Tiago Baptista, for ‘Berlin, City without Shadows’, are the others named in the drawing.

To the prize of best Portuguese author in original album of foreign language are candidates André Lima Araújo, for the albums ‘Black Panther: Long Live the King’ and ‘Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider’, Jorge Coelho, for ‘Robocop: Citizens Arrest’, Manuel Morgado, for ‘Les Arcanes de la Lune Noire: Greldinard’, and Miguel Mendonça, for ‘Detective Comics’ and ‘Justice League of America’.

‘A firma Pereira’, by Pierre-Henry Gomont, ‘Five Thousand Miles per Second’ by Manuele Fior, ‘Malditos Amigos’, by André Diniz’ Arab of the Future 3. Being Young in the Middle East (1985-87) , of Riyadh Sattouf, ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’, by Ari Folman and David Polonsky, Paco Roca’s ‘Rails’, ‘Saga’ by Bryan K Vaughan and Fiona Staples, and ‘A Sister’ by Bastien Vivès, are the candidates for the best album of foreign author edited in Portugal.

The ‘Classics of the Ninth Art’ award for books first edited more than ten years ago is played between Forest and Tardi’s’ Aqui mesmo ‘,’ Do Inferno ‘by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell,’ Espacio Acácio ‘by Fernando Relvas,’ Nonnonba ‘by Shigeru Mizuki,’ The Ghost in the Shell ‘by Shirow Masamune, and’ Torpedo 1936 ‘by Enrique Sánchez Abulí and Jordi Bernet.

The jury’s prominence for illustration classics goes to Kjelle Ringi’s ‘The Strange,’ 1968, and ‘A Snowy Day’, 1962, by Ezra Jack Keats.

For best Portuguese illustrator of books for children are named André Letria, for ‘A Guerra’, António Jorge Gonçalves, for ‘Você Tão Crescida’, Carolina Celas, for ‘Horizonte’, João Fazenda, for ‘A Nuvem’, Madalena Matoso, for ‘I Am I Know,’ Susa Monteiro for ‘Dream’, and James Galo for ‘The Revolution’.

In this area, the foreign candidates are Anine Bosenberg (‘The Half Lost’), Barnett Klassen (‘Square’), Benjamin Lacombe (‘Frida’), Francesca Sanna (‘The Journey’), Marjolaine Leray ), Noemi Volla (‘End It Does not End So’) and Pierre Pratt (‘Good Night!’).

‘Drunk Life’ by Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott, and ‘Maria – The Greatest of Subversions’, by Henrique Magalhães, are candidates. the best comic strip album.

For best Fanzine the nominees are ‘Eros 11’, edited by Geraldes Lino, ‘Improvised Zine 1.5’, by Marcos Farrajota, ‘Pentangle # 1’, by Jorge Nesbitt and Marcos Farrajota, and ‘H-Alt’ by Sérgio Santos.

The jury of this edition of the national comic book awards is composed of Nelson Dona, director of AmadoraBD, Álvaro Santos, author of BD, António Dâmaso Afonso, journalist and designer, José Pedro Castello Branco, collector of BD, and Sílvia Borges da Silva, the curator of the editorial year’s exhibition, specialized in literature and illustration.

The 29th Amadora International Comics Festival opened on October 26 and ends on November 11.

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