Amarante – Gastronomy and where to stay

Where to eat in Amarante

If there is nothing that goes wrong in Amarante, it is hunger! In fact, this is an area with a great gastronomic tradition, where meat dishes (veal, kid, etc.) and snacks are predominant.

In the center of the city you will easily find the classic Lusitana and Zé da Calçada which, being safe options, are already living a bit in tow of the fame of the past. They told me quite well about Quelha Regional Winery and Casa Ventura and the Kilowatt Winery snacks I tasted them and recommend! :)

Largo do Paço, which is part of Casa da Calçada, is an exquisite Michelin-starred restaurant, featuring traditional and contemporary Portuguese cuisine. If you are looking for a special moment or if you want to pamper yourself a little, this may be the right choice. Be prepared with your credit card, as the prices are of course in keeping with the quality and the environment.

On a totally opposite register, head to Gatão, which is about 5 km from Amarante, and point to Tasca da Estação, better known as “O Serafim” (name of the owner) and taste what is suggested in the day without hesitation. The fries in french fries are always guaranteed and, let me tell you, they settled like a glove! :)

Amarante’s famous convent sweets, such as angel chats, Amarante rockets or Tâmega breezes, are an important part of the city’s and region’s cuisine. Made mainly from soft eggs, they are the disgrace for those who, as a person I know, needed to lose a few pounds but can’t resist!

Throughout the center you will find some patisseries that produce and sell this type of confectionery, but perhaps the best known is, in all merit, the Ponte Confectionery. Another one recommended to me by a local is the Mario Confectionery.

Where to sleep in Amarante

Since it is possible to visit Amarante on a day trip from Porto, many people wonder if it is worth staying there or not. Well, since this is a very personal decision, which will depend on your interests, tastes and even how you travel, I think that, having time available, it is very worthwhile!

In addition to the opportunity to explore the city “out of hours” with a relaxing walk where you can see the illuminated São Gonçalo bridge and church, Amarante and the Tâmega Valley have plenty to see and do, so you’ll easily find it. activities, walks and landscapes to explore during a few days of stay.

Hotel or Hostel

The Casa da Calçada Relais & Châteaux, for its charm and exclusivity, is always an unavoidable option for sleeping in Amarante and an experience in itself. But there are other more economical options in the city, including a well-designed hostel, the Des Arts Hostel and Suites, or even the practical and traditional Hotel Navarras.

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