“Amélias”, by Amélia Muge, distinguished as one of the best albums of 2022

Amélias, the latest album by singer-songwriter Amélia Muge, was widely recognized as one of the best musical works released in our country in 2022.

Distinctions by specialized media recognize the innovative and original character of a body of songs that allowed Amélia Muge to explore the different “personalities” of her voice, in a work that balanced tradition and future.

At the international level, “Amélias” collected praise that extended from Australia, where the album was distinguished by the Global Vision program in Melbourne, England, with the BBC Music Planet program placing this record among the most outstanding in the last year. , passing through the United States of America, with a cover and special highlight by Rootsworld magazine.

The Mundofonias program, part of the Transglobal World Chart, also gave generous attention to the work of Amélia Muge, placing it among the best of 2022.

In Portugal, Nuno Pacheco, a journalist for Público, placed “Amélias” at the top of his list of the best musical records of 2022, and the review he signed about the album, which in the title mentioned “the miracle of the multiplication of voices”, deserved the 5-star rating. In Time Out, in turn, MM, in another 5-star review, confessed that it was impossible to count all the voices invented by the artist. Rui Miguel Abreu gave it second place in a similar list that he prepared for Antena 3. Sapo, on the other hand, highlighted Amélias as one of the 24 albums that their readers should have heard during the year that recently ended. The website Altamont (9th place in the list of best national albums), Blitz magazine (12th place), and the weekly Expresso (20th place in a single list of national and international albums) also included Amélias in their respective choices.

The wide applause of the specialized press rewards the artistic daring of Amélia Muge, an artist with decades of career who, having started from tradition, never stopped looking for the trails of innovation, creating an absolutely unique work in the complex panorama of Portuguese music.

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