Amor Electro and Viva o Samba at Lisboa ao Palco

Amor Electro and Viva o Samba rock the festival Lisboa ao Palco, last Saturday at Quinta da Alfarrobeira

The project LISBOA AO PALCO at Quinta da Alfarrobeira, an initiative of the Lisbon City Council, EGEAC with the Parish Council of São Domingos de Benfica, and Sons em Transito with Tejo Music Lab, started on September 11 and runs until 4 October, counting 10 nights and 20 concerts, with two artists per night in a program with the signature of the musician and producer Diogo Clemente.

The enclosure has a capacity reserved for about 600 seats complying with all the rules of social distance, hygiene, and safety set by the General Directorate of Health. Since the beginning of the cycle, lots of big names took the stage of Lisboa ao Palco like Joana Espadinha, David Fonseca, António Zambujo, Buba Espinho, GNR, Cordel, Moonspell, Murais, HMB, Matay, Carolina Deslandes, Maro, Miroca Paris, Tainá, Bárbara Tinoco, Diogo Piçarra and Irma.

Last Saturday was the turn of the group Viva o Samba and the band Amor Electro to take the stage.

Viva o Samba was founded in 2015 by musicians Cícero and Humberto Mateus and has always aimed to promote the Brazilian musical culture of excellence in Portuguese lands. Samba, the intangible cultural heritage of humanity by Unesco, is culturally rich and joyful that captivates and ennobles with its wealth and the group Viva o Samba brought together 12 musicians, from voice, percussion, viola, banjo, mandolin, cavaquinho, and more, to the Lisboa ao Palco stage.

The concert started around 8:45 pm and we were able to hear various samba themes like “Fonte Que Não Seca“, about the inexhaustible fountain and the portrait of Brazil that is Samba, “Total Discordia“, “Quem Te Viu, Quem te Vê“, “Brigas Nunca Mais“, their version of the song “Circo de Feras” by the Portuguese band Xutos & Pontapés, and the emblematic samba “Trem das 11“.

After a brief pause to reorganize the stage and speak to a member of the União Audiovisual, it was Amor Electro‘s turn to take the stage.

Since their debut album in 2011, Amor Electro haven’t stopped growing, becoming one of the main bands of modern Portuguese music today. As soon as they launched “Cai do Carmo e Trindade“, Tiago Pais Dias, Rui Rechena, Ricardo Vasconcelos and Mauro Ramos assured Marisa Liz, admittedly one of the most outstanding voices in current Portuguese music, the ideal environment to show her talent, thanks to a unique style where modernity, tradition, popular roots, and technology converge to create an exceptionally original sound, full of charisma and emotion.

Amor Electro established themselves as an artistic reference in the Portuguese music scene, reaching platinum, collecting prizes and distinctions, and selling shows across the country. They are part of the generation that established modern Portuguese music and lost the shame of singing in the language of Camões. Their pop-rock musical mix, combined with the honesty of its performance, frees space for the music to grow and breathe, allowing freedom of movement combined with an intimate, passionate, and genuine vocation.

The concert at Lisboa ao Palco started around 10 pm where we could hear great hits from the band and songs from their last album # 4, like “Alternativa”, “Canção de Embalar”, the most recent single they did with José Cid “Cai Neve Em New York”, “De Candeias Às Avessas”, “Só É Fogo Se Queimar”, “Foi Deus” and “Fado Portugues” songs by Amália Rodrigues, “Miúda do Café”, “Juntos Somos Mais Fortes”, “Rosa Sangue” and “A Máquina”.

The cycle of Lisboa ao Palco ended with Pedro Abrunhosa and Elisa Rodrigues on October 4th.

Quinta da Alfarrobeira is an emblematic place. When João Frederico Ludovice designed, built, and inhabited this farm, from 1748 onwards, he would never have imagined that, about three centuries later, it would become a space that aims to bring together and bring citizens closer to local power, giving form political, social and cultural intervention that is much more direct and closer to people: here you can attend classes at the São Domingos Academy or attend cultural events, such as Lisboa ao Palco, which marks the musical rental in Lisbon, within the normality possible in this period of pandemic, while everyone, artists and public, await the day when the shows will return to full function.

The cycle is an initiative of CM Lisboa and EGEAC, with the support of the São Domingos de Benfica Parish Council, produced by Sons em Trânsito and Tejo Music Lab, with the aim of signaling this return to the stage as well as celebrating the richness and diversity of Portuguese music. Diogo Clemente was in charge of programming.



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