Amor Electro debut new single “Furacão”

"Hurricane" is now available on all digital platforms.

A new year always brings promises of renewal, of new possibilities, new dreams and goals to be achieved, energy and spirit invigorated. Now begins a year of hope and certainty: we will make up for lost time in the last few months and give everything.

It was with this fearless claw that Amor Electro welcomed 2021, with the new single “Furacão”. The debut of the unpublished took place in the grand final of The Voice Portugal, in which Marisa Liz is the mentor of promising talents of national music.

With unparalleled energy on stage, Amor Electro revealed this return to the roots, to the rock sound that defies the laws of gravity and elevates us. They restored hope and boosted the rebuilding of what devastated 2020.

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