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The Botanical Garden of Porto is a good place for a family outing. Even more so if you have read “The Bronze Boy” or “The Forest”, two books by Sophia de Mello Breyner inspired by this wonderful and romantic setting.

As this property belonged to the Andresen family, Sophia had the privilege of walking through it and admiring her as a child, fictionalizing it later.

In summary, what you can see on the 5.8 hectares of the Botanical Garden is: a Rose garden, two lakes (one with beautiful water lilies and other aquatic plants), centennial trees (magnolias, gymnosperms, beeches, oaks, tulips) (tropical plants, orchids and succulents), cactus garden, greenhouses, nurseries, half a kilometer of camellias carved in hedges, cellar (water deposit), garden of the annual plants (old vegetable garden) and garden of the Jotas ( by João de Joana Andresen).

Admission to the Garden is free. During the week the hours are from 9 am to 6 pm and at the weekend the hours are from 10 am to 6 pm.

If you can join a group of about 20 people you can book a guided tour and choose one of the 3 courses: General Course, Evolutionary Course and Gardens of Sophia. The first two more focused on biology and botany and the last more historical and literary. The presentation of the Sophia universe contemplates the visit to the house Andresen (built in the XIX century) and the gardens that surround it.

Situated in the old Quinta do Campo Alegre, a central area of Porto, it is a restful oasis in the fast-paced city!

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