An organization founded by portuguese descendent supports cancer victims in Canada

An organization founded in Toronto, Canada, is an important resource in supporting women victims of oncological diseases.

The Together Helping Women Foundation was founded only in June 2016 by Ana Pereira, a victim of breast cancer, but the organization already plays an important role in local society.

“Our goal is to raise funds to help these women (with cancer) because we have had few volunteers,” told IRIN.

The head of the foundation spoke on Saturday night at the third fundraising event to help cancer victims organized by Together Helping Women. In this issue, the theme was leukemia.

“We want to help women with any type of cancer.” In this issue, we are highlighting the theme of leukemia, and we have touched on other issues such as breast and ovarian cancer, “he added.

With around 300 guests, profits from the gala dinner have reverted to cancer victims, people with “low incomes, no access to health insurance,” above all “people most in need, such as single mothers,” he said.

Not all victims have access to the Ontario health system, so the foundation plays an important role in victim support.

“Today, people in the Portuguese community are very open, and statistics from the Canadian Cancer Society show that one in two women suffers from cancer, and there is still a lot of taboo, but people are more open.”

One of the victims, with a brain tumour, Vanina Reynoso, highlighted the importance of associations such as Together Helping Women in the follow-up of women affected by this disease.

“Through these associations, we know a lot of people who have had the same problem and we do not feel so alone. This is very important because they help us overcome fears,” he recalled.

He still sent a message of hope to all those affected by the disease because “most of the time is difficult,” but “hope is always the last to die.”

Another of the victims, Patrícia Rocha, 13 years ago in Canada, a native of Póvoa de Varzim, a survivor of breast cancer, diagnosed in July 2017, recognized the work of the foundation.

“They were always on my side, in the consultations and in the treatment of chemotherapy, accompanying me. They were available to support me financially, namely the wig, but it was not necessary. I preferred to make it available to another victim who had problems with the image”, said.

The foundation has an important role, but the victims “must have willpower, self-confidence,” because only then can one go to the end.

According to 2016 data from the Canadian Leukemia Society, 138,100 Canadians had one form of blood cancer, 43,335 of a lymphoma, 22,510 of leukemia, and 7,455 of a myeloma.

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