Ana Bacalhau presents new album at Capitólio


With a new album of originals to be published at the end of October, Ana Bacalhau announces the official concert for the presentation on November 12th, at Capitólio, in Lisbon. Tickets to watch the show of the fundamental voice of Portuguese pop music are already on sale at the usual places.

In the concert that will visit the new album, and of which we already know the themes “Memória” and “Sou Como Sou”, Ana Bacalhau will take on stage illustrations by Mariana, a Miserável, celebrating the entire album, which features compositions by D’Alva, Jorge Cruz and Tainá, among other musicians, in addition to two compositions of his own.

In addition to being a unique performer, who always gives herself on stage as if that could be the last time we hear and see her live, Ana Bacalhau has more and more a say in writing the lyrics and songs she performs.

It should be recalled that after ten years of giving voice to Deolinda’s songs, Ana Bacalhau made her solo debut in 2017 with “Nome Proprie”, now revealing the successor album, in order to «Create new worlds that can materialize in this . Create new worlds so that the experiences of pain and loss can be sublimated.». Words from Ana Bacalhau.

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