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Ana Bacalhau takes the capitol to the blaze

Cineteatro Capitólio

‘Além da curta imaginação’, is the new album, which Ana Bacalhau, presented at Capitólio, a concert that took the audience to their feet, full of energy, humor and excellent music.

Ana Bacalhau’s concert had on stage the illustrations of Mariana, a Miserável, and features compositions by D’ Alva, Jorge Cruz and Tainá, among others, but also two compositions by her authorship.

Ana Bacalhau on stage, converts herself into pure energy, and delivers as if that were the last time we heard and saw her live, after giving voice to Deolinda, she edited solo in 2017 with ‘Nome Próprio‘, revealing now the successor album, ‘Além da curta imaginação‘.

It was with the theme “Encanto” that Ana Bacalhau began the concert, for a Capitólio, full of audience, who cherished her from the first chord, who never bargained for applause, and who accompanied her singing even in new songs.

Ana Bacalhau > Capitólio ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2021.11.12

After the first theme, the singer opened her soul to the audience, “the longing, the longing I had for this, for this enchantment, which is to be here on stage with you, my voice trembles, actually with emotion, of nerves, nerves, I’m not used to it anymore, it seems like it’s the first time, then I’ve spent two years there, stuck in my house…” and continued “… I did some concerts this summer, I looked like a fool on stage to say, anyway, but that’s how it goes, it has to be the truth of the thing, and that’s the truth now, because I’m happy, happy because I’m on stage, I have a new record in my wallet, and this song “Encanto” , it’s one of those on my album, it’s by Taina and Paulo Novais…“.

Present at the Capitólio was Mafalda Veiga, who offered Ana Bacalhau a theme and to whom Ana thanked, “Mafalda Veiga, gave me this song, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, I see the movie of this song already in my head, for me the The dog video was like that, an old couple, they were in their living room dancing, while the dog gave, and then flashbacks of their relationship, since they were young, before the children, then with the children, the children growing up, those angry, those dating, the things of life, and the old couple, the song ended and they continued to dance…” and continued “… at least for me this beauty, thank you, thank you from the heart Mafalda, for me having delivered such a beautiful dogfish…“.

Ana Bacalhau > Capitólio ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2021.11.12

Ana Bacalhau also ventured to compose two songs for the new someone, during the pandemic, the singer says that now and then she gives her songs to write, but she doesn’t want to make a record with her songs only, because she loves to be an interpreter , loves to sing other people’s songs, this one talks about a problem he has, a problem of expression, as the Clã say, in life, when he has to defend himself, argue, he is, in his words, “a geek“, and he sings us “Não é nada” followed by “Sou como sou“.

With lyrics by Ana Bacalhau and music from Janeiro, “Menina rabina“, which was how her mother treated her when she was little, then playing guitar, delighting us with “Que me interessa a mim“, which for her speaks of something that it irritates her, which is that people think they know someone better, that this person knows himself.

It continues with a song by D’Alva, “Sono de Autumn”, about a summer love, which in most cases, “slips between your fingers“, and when autumn arrives, it no longer exists, “but this one wants to stay” explains Ana Bacalhau.

Ana Bacalhau > Capitólio ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2021.11.12

The concert also featured the songs “A Bacalhau” from Capicua, with arrangements by Diogo Piçarra “O erro mais bem”, “Ciúme ” by Miguel Araújo and Nuno Prata “Tudo de bom”.

Ana Bacalhau was interspersing the songs of her first and second album, with her stories, with a lot of humor, and of course with her sympathy that lights up the stage, to a room that as quickly sang and applauded as she later laughed.

On stage with Ana Bacalhau, on drums Guilherme Melo, on bass Zé Pedro Leitão, on guitar Eugénia Contente and Manuel Oliveira on keys.

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