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Ana Bacalhau reveals the new single “Que Me Interessa A Mim”

The song is part of the singer’s second album, “Além da Curta Imaginação“, in stores on October 29

After an anthem for self-acceptance that had the title “Sou Como Sou“, Ana Bacalhau reveals a new single taken from her long-awaited second album. “Que Me Interessa A Mim” is the new single and is available from today on all digital platforms. Ana Bacalhau says about “Que Me Interessa A Mim“:

I am bigger than my fear. I know my way. I launch myself and in the fall I believe I’ll get there. I’ll get better. I will get higher. Even if no one believes it, I know I can and I will. Especially if no one believes it. That’s where I’m going with all my strength. And come the bruises, the wounds, the dents from the ill-supported falls. These are medals that, in the future, I will use to tell the story of how I got to the place that was mine. How I got to where I was.”

Que Me Interessa A Mim” follows the singles “Sou Como Sou” (written by Alex D’Alva Teixeira and Ben Monteiro) and “Memória” (written by João Direitinho, Guilherme Alface and Mário Monginho, from ÁTOA), both produced by Twins.

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