Ana Carolina with four shows in Portugal in April

In the year in which she celebrates twenty years of music career, Ana Carolina returns to the road and begins the tour “Bonfire on the High Seas”, the twelfth of her entire career. In addition to presenting the songs of a new album of the same name, the singer, considered one of the greatest Brazilian performers and composers, promises shows full of surprises and, of course, a retrospective of her career, full of successes.

The tour in Portugal starts on April 2nd with a concert at Guimarães Multiusos. The next day the artist heads to Porto to take the stage of the Super Bock Arena. Already on April 5 is the turn of the singer to toast Lisbon with a show in Campo Pequeno, closing the dates in Portugal with a golden key, with a performance in Coimbra, Convent of S. Francisco. Tickets will be available for sale tomorrow, November 28, from 10 am.

The tour “Bonfire on the High Seas”, directed by Guilherme Leme. The show follows the release of the self-titled album, the first with unreleased songs after a six-year hiatus. Ana Carolina explains that “alignment has the six newly released songs from the first EP. And of course the biggest hits of my 20-year career are not out! ”

One of the surprises of the musical script signed by Marcus Black is the precise choice of repertoire. “We think that to celebrate my 20 years of career, it was also necessary to bring my songs that I never performed live. I believe the fans will like, since we have more intimate samba blocks, ballads and sets,” says Ana. And adds: “I can also advance that I present rereading of myself to known songs by established artists I admire.”

“Fogueira em Alto Mar” brings the mix of samba and pop, with the participation of a band formed by Thiago Anthony (keyboard, programming, guitar and tambourine), Theo Silva (guitar, guitars and tambourine), Marcos Maia (bass, guitars). and tambourine) and Leo Reis (drums, electronic pad, tambourine and guitars).

Designed as a great visual experience, the tour features set design by Camila Schimidt, videos by Roger Velloso and lighting by Anna Turra. Content that includes animated graphics and color-synchronized projection of songs is projected on a stage mouth consisting of a metallised cyclorama, adjustable louver panels with backlight assemblies, and a metallized reflective floor. The idea is that the space can oscillate from pop to intimate bringing various moods through the combination of light design and videography.

In harmony with the concept of the show, the costume designed by João Pimenta brings Ana Carolina in tailor-made tailoring with embroidered silver elements and crystals that dialogue with the power of light and scenery.




VIP Central Auditorium * 60 €
VIP Side Auditorium * 50 €
1st Audience * 40 €
2nd Audience * 30 €
Workbench Stage A * 26 €
Bench Stage B * 26 €
Bench Entrance A * 30 €
Bench Entrance B * 30 €
Gallery * 20 €


VIP Central Auditorium * 60 €
VIP Side Plate * 55 €
Plate A * 45 €
Balcony 0 * 40 €
Balcony 1 * 36 €
Balcony 2 * 28 €
Bench Stage B * 26 €
Bench Entrance A * 30 €
Bench Entrance B * 30 €
Gallery * 20 €


VIP Central Auditorium * 60 €
VIP Side Plate * 55 €
Central Plate A * 50 €
Side Plate A * 40 €
Workbench A * 36 €
Bench B * 32 €
First Box * 40 €
Gallery 1st * 29 €
Mob. Conditioned * 23 €
Gallery 2nd * 23 €
2nd Box * 23 €


Orchestra Chairs * 50 €
1st Audience * 45 €
2nd Audience * 35 €
Balcony * 30 €
Mob. Conditioned (2nd Audience) * 30 €
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