Ana Catarina Nogueira gets first Portuguese title at World Padel Tour

Ana Catarina Nogueira, pairing with Argentina’s Delfina Brea, became the first Portuguese to win a Padel World Tour tournament at the Challenger Arroyo de la Encomienda in Spain.

Nogueira and Brea, 21st and 22nd of the world ranking, respectively, to benefit from the abandonment of Carolina Navarro and Cecilia Reiter, to conquer this triumph in the World Padel Tour.

The Luso-Argentine pair came easily to a 4-0 lead with two breaks in a partial that closed 6-2 before Navarro and Reiter left.

Spain’s Carolina Navarro already had complaints in the knee of the semi-final against Alba Galan and Carmen Villalba and today Argentina’s Cecilia Reiter also showed she was not 100 per cent.

Reiter needed to be assisted by the physiotherapist and the pair no longer entered to play the second set.

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