Ana Gomes returns with the single “Cá Dentro”

The EP called 1.11 by the performer and composer Ana Gomes, is expected to be the first of a new phase in her career.

After a short break in the album edition, and feeling the need for a certain time to dedicate to reflection and composition, this new work by the singer finally appears, distinct and varied, in a musical genre increasingly recognized in the Portuguese music scene; Smooth Jazz. This is the moment when the artist renews herself, in themes of personal and spiritual significance, as the composer (lyrics and music) of three of the themes of this EP.

After her foray into Fado song and Bossa Nova, it is at Smooth Jazz that Ana Gomes fully assumes herself singing in the Portuguese language. The compositions were conceived in restless nights where reality and illusion were manifested in insatiable lyrics and melodies.

Ana Gomes wishes to achieve a natural and personal recognition by the public, through these songs that fit into everyday life, and that make sense to so many. Themes such as love, forbidden love, love that loses, secret love, lover love, eternal love and hope in the light of the eyes of those who believe, that deception will become true. You can hear themes of deep sadness, as well as denunciation, revolt and even a ray of hope and understanding.

The EP 1.11, begins with the theme that gives rise to the single – “Cá Dentro”, a song that denounces moments of secret passion, suffering and empty promises, lived in a love that possesses, that lies and that nothing materializes, that steals naivety and the light of love transforming it into deceit and disappointment, in a more Pop and up-to-date Smooth Jazz environment.

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