Ana Laíns and Tony Carreira perform at the Pampilhosa da Serra fest

The Sunset Sessions festival starts on Saturday in Pampilhosa da Serra (Coimbra), with a program that coincides in part with the Municipal Festivals, which include Ana Laíns and Tony Carreira, among other artists.

In this fifth edition, the Seaside Sunset Sessions continues to be an eco-festival, with the organization promising a “perfect harmony between music, nature, innovation and fun” on the Pampilhosa da Serra river beach from Saturday and until the 19th of this month.

During nine days, in addition to the daily sunset from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., animated by Oskar DJ and other guests, this village in the district of Coimbra will receive “some of the best national and international DJs of the moment” according to the City Hall, which promotes the festival and the Municipal Festivities.

Along with the song, “there will be lots of activities throughout the day”, on the river beach, “so that people feel good,” said the president of the municipality, José Brito.

Rob Willow, Kura, Overule and Oskar DJ are announced for the 17th, while Francisco Cunha, Breathe Carolina and Club Banditz are scheduled to perform “redoubled doses of positive energy and good mood” the following day.

The free entry program includes activities for all tastes and ages, such as fitness on water, aqua jump, hip hop, afro house, zumba fitness and games on the river Unhais.

“We want to attract more and more people to our territory,” said Social Democrat José Brito, noting that the stay of tourists and the visit in August of the county’s natives and their descendants in the diaspora, mostly settled in the Lisbon area, contribute to the “sustainability of many local businesses”, particularly in the areas of accommodation and catering.

Sponsored by the entrepreneur Acácio Teixeira, a native of Pampilhosa da Serra and owner of Seaside, the festival takes advantage of a stage set on the waters of the Unhais, providing “a unique atmosphere that has been winning more and more festivals”, according to a note from the municipality.

“We never consider this investment to be an expense,” stressed José Brito, noting that the bank’s bet, during the month of August, “causes a lot of money to remain in the territory,” which faces unemployment and desertification problems from less the 1940s of the 20th century.

In order to combat the waste of plastic, people should buy, “for a symbolic amount,” a single glass that can be reused every day of the festival.

The camping service is free in the form of camping, and other options are available at reduced prices, such as glamping, tents and tents.

The Municipal Festivities, between the 13th and 16th of this month, include the XXI Handicraft and Gastronomy Fair and coincide, in this period, with the Seaside Sunset Sessions.

On the 13th, the parties open with concerts by Ana Laíns and the Grupo Musical Fraternidade Pampilhosense.

Luso-British singer Mia Rose and the band D.A.M.A perform on the 14th, while Maria Lisboa and Cantar Amália animate the following day, national holiday.

From the parish of Cabril, Pampilhosa da Serra, singer Tony Carreira closes the festivities, with a speculum on the 16th.

The profane program is associated with the religious festivities in honor of the Lady of Pranto, patroness of the county seat.

The local animation continues with the Summer Nights, which have been taking place since Monday and are interrupted today, to be retaken from August 20 to 23, with various music, theater and cinema shows in front of the City Hall .

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