Ana Lains celebrates 20 years of career at Casino Estoril

The multifaceted Ana Laíns celebrates 20 years of career, next January 31, at 22 hours, in the Black and Silver Hall of Casino Estoril. To mark this special date, Ana Lains invited Ivan Lins, Luis Dams, Mafalda Arnauth, Fernando Pereira, Silvestre Fonseca, Fernando A. Pereira – The Troubadour, Idanha-a-Nova, Cantares de Évora Group.

A luxury cast of artists well known to the public that somehow marked the life and career of Ana Lains. It was precisely the stage of the Black and Silver Salon that saw Ana Lains born for her professional career with her friends.

who are part of his career, wholly dedicated to the Portuguese language, Fado, and the traditional rhythms that define the identity of the country of his dreams – Portucalis (name of his most recent album).

With 3 albums in her own name and hundreds of stages around the world, the singer will take her audience on a journey of celebration of a path smack hand in hand with Pride in her Portuguese Condition.

On stage, Paulo Loureiro (Piano and musical direction), Carlos Lopes (Accordion), Bruno Chaveiro (Portuguese guitar), Hugo Ganhão (bass), João Coelho (drums) and João Ferreira (percussion).

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