Ana Maria presents her debut single “Respirar”

“Respirar” is Ana Maria’s debut single and is now available on platforms.

Who is Ana Maria? “I’m 17 years old and I’m from Leiria. Since I was a child, I began to discover artistic areas. I went through scouting, sports, and theater, but it was music that I settled on. At ten years old, following in the footsteps of my brothers, I joined Orfeão (Leiria Music Conservatory).”

Years later, and with the pandemic already installed all over the world, “I started playing Ukulele, writing original songs, singing and presenting my first “covers” on social media. At 14 years old, already with interests and more defined tastes in the area of music, I joined Rockschool Leiria, where I took singing and electric guitar classes. I still attended the 10th year of regular education, but music being my biggest dream, I chose to apply to the Music Conservatory Coimbra, where I am currently attending the Jazz Instrumentalist Course, singing section”.

Respirar” is the name of his debut single “… which talks about “Anxiety”, a painful feeling and emotional state, but so common among us. It is an outburst and an attempt at consolation for those who deal with the problem in your life”, Ana Maria reveals to us.

Respirar is now available on digital platforms.

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