Festival da Canção

Ana Maria sings “Aceitar” by NO MAKA

The duo NO MAKA was one of the authors chosen by RTP for this year’s edition. To sing the theme, the young singer Ana Maria was chosen.

Duarte Carvalho tells us what they felt when they received the invitation from RTP “Total euphoria! We still have to pinch ourselves. Anyone who knows us knows that we already had this desire to participate. As composers that we are, with a lot of work already done, we have always admired everything that the Festival represents, all its grandeur, and diversity, as well as we have seen many of our friends and colleagues who have participated over the years. This year it is us!”

“This theme was one of the first we did with Maria. It came up in a session we did in which we started with just two ideas: the introduction would have to be striking and emotional and the theme deep. We focused first on the intro, then everything about the work and arrangement of voices, and from then on everything flowed very naturally. It’s a theme that is dear to us and after we had done it, we knew it would be reserved for something very special, at the time we still didn’t know it would be the Song Festival “ Duarte explained further about how the topic came up.

Duarte Carvalho also explained how the invitation to Ana Maria to be the performer came about, “Maria was introduced to us by Rafa Martini who sent us a TikTok in which she sings, on the guitar, a song composed by herself. We were immediately impressed and in love for her unique timbre, way of singing and also her way of composing which is impressive for a girl of just 17 years old. We felt she was different. She marked us in such a way that immediately afterwards we invited her to be part of the StreamU family. She accepted and almost as if the stars aligned, the invitation to participate in the Song Festival immediately appeared.”

The Festival da Canção (Song Festival) will have two semi-finals taking place on February 24th and March 2nd. The final will be on March 9th.


NO MAKA is the project of musicians and producers Emanuel Oliveira and Duarte Carvalho. Starting in 2013, the project has several Gold Records and a Double Platinum. Madonna includes a version of the song “Faz Gostoso” with Anitta on her album “Madame X”, reaching #1 on Billboard. The original song reached double platinum in Portugal and has over 35 million views on YouTube. “Nota 100”, the single reaches a gold record. There are also hits such as “Sextou” with ILBF and Favela Lacroix, “Só Love” with Blaya and Laton and “Eu Avisei” by Blaya and Deejay Telio.

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