Ana Moura enchants the Campo Pequeno arena, in Lisbon

Fadista Ana Moura gave one of the most awaited concerts of the 2nd edition of Santa Casa Portugal Ao Vivo, at Campo Pequeno

Ana Moura, a Portuguese fado singer, took the stage at the Festival Santa Casa Portugal Ao Vivo, in Campo Pequeno, last Saturday, June 19th. The show began with the theme “Moura Encantada“, followed by “Andorinhas”, “O Meu Amor Foi Para O Brasil” and “Fado Dançado”, with the unique energy and talent of the singer.

Accompanying the artist were Joaquim Rodrigues on keys, Mário Costa on percussion, André Moreira on bass, Pedro Soares on viola, and Ângelo Freire on Portuguese guitar. We also listened to songs like “Tens Os Olhos De Deus”, “Maldição”, “Ó Meu Amigo João”, “Ninharia”, “Lá Vai Lisboa”, “Arraial Triste” and the hit “Dia de Folga”.

“This is a very special show for me […]. As Prince used to say in interviews, music was put on Earth to enlighten us and bring us closer to our center, and that’s what I hope this concert bring you tonight, that will help you to reach that place, despite all the barriers we are overcoming at the moment”, says the artist also thanking the audience for their presence, which, even with the new restrictions of the Portuguese capital, trusted and proved that the culture is, in fact, safe.

After a warm applause, the audience called Ana Moura back to the stage for the encore, singing two more songs “Loucura” and “Fadinho Serrano”.

The 2nd edition of the Festival Santa Casa Portugal ao Vivo, at Campo Pequeno and at the Super Bock Arena Pavilhão Rosa Mota, continues the partnership between Everything is New and PEV Entertainment and, similarly to the 1st edition, are being produced in simultaneously, 10 shows in Lisbon, at Campo Pequeno, and 10 shows in Porto, at the Super Bock Arena Pavilhão Rosa Mota, in a total of 20 shows, which close on June 26th.

Still on the premise of “Culture for All” and with the objective of resuming and encouraging Culture in Portugal, in this second edition, Santa Casa is once again associated with the initiative as a naming sponsor, reinforcing the appeal to the urgency of bringing it back. the everyday culture of all Portuguese people. A need that wants to promote the meeting between the public and artists, promising to bring the best of national music and comedy to the stage.



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