Ana Viriato debuts program on SIC Mulher

“Viriato no Feminino” will tell inspiring stories and promote gender equality

Inspire, encourage, believe, and change. These are the ingredients of the new program by Ana Viriato, presenter and businesswoman, which marks her return to television with a project of her own and production. It’s called ‘Viriato no Feminino‘ and it will tell inspiring stories of Portuguese women highlighted in different areas. Premieres on November 5, on SIC Mulher.

Ana Viriato is back on television with a new professional project that takes her to the screens of SIC Mulher. The presenter will be the face of ‘Viriato no Feminino’, a program she authored and produced by AV Entertainment, an audiovisual production, brand communication and entertainment company that she founded and which she has been directing for four years.

In an interview format, the program focuses on sharing the experiences of female personalities who are at the forefront in various areas of activity and aims to be a source of inspiration and hope for other women and the general public.

As a communicator, Ana Viriato believes in the power of communication to change paradigms, to educate for hope, for solidarity, for equal opportunities, tonics that she inscribes in the program’s matrix with the aim of expanding the message of gender parity.

I conceived this project with the purpose of telling stories that communicate women’s progress and success. The program’s mission is to inspire, encourage, accelerate dreams and power change. ‘Viriato no Feminino’ is about giving voice and sharing experiences of inspiring women, whose life path can motivate other women to find the best versions of themselves. The concept is simply to make success stories known, in order to inspire by example. This is the essence and the focus of the program: to encourage all generations to make a difference and fight for a more egalitarian, inclusive, fair future, for a better world.”, informs Ana Viriato.

The program ‘Viriato no Feminino’ will be broadcast on Saturday mornings, on SIC Mulher, and has the support of the Garantia Cultura program.

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