Anaquim celebrate their 12th anniversary with an unprecedented vinyl collection

Anaquim celebrate 12 years and launch iconic themes in a special vinyl version

[dropcap type=”default”]T[/dropcap]o celebrate their 12th anniversary, Anaquim are releasing some iconic themes in vinyl version to which we can count on two special themes highlight the first single “Ele há gente para tudo” (“He is people for everything”).

Anaquim are a band from Coimbra that in 2010 immediately conquered the Portuguese public with the debut album “As Vidas dos Outros”.

They have as references for their work names like Fausto, Sérgio Godinho and Zeca Afonso and mix international influences as french music, country music, and bluegrass.

The band is formed by José Rebola, composer and lyricist in voice and guitars, Pedro Ferreira, on keyboards, Luís Duarte, on guitar, Filipe Ferreira, on bass, and João Santiago, on drums.

Over the years, with many adventures and experiences, Anaquim have created four albums of a richness and diversity recognized by the public and the media.


“As Vidas dos Outros” (2010); “Desnecessariamente Complicado” (2012); Um Dia Destes” (2016); “O Quarto de Anaquim” (2018) represent a solid path for the Coimbra band.

The lyrics inspired by everyday life and contemporaneity are approached with optimism and mixed with music resulting from the experiences and influences of each of the members, starting from manouche and country jazz.

To mark a new cycle, Anaquim, launch a vinyl based on these 12 years.

In this collectible product, the band compiles selected themes and reveals two new themes.

“Ele há gente para tudo” is one of the new singles that presents the vinyl “Anaquim”.

According to the author, José Rebola, “this single shows that diversity must bring us up, as does the invigorating infusion of ska that provides musical support, and that accepting it does not prevent us from looking for and enjoying our countless contact points, in a society with some needs but also with a lot of abundance

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