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ANAQUIM challenges you to participate in their new video clip!

The Portuguese band Anaquim invites you to participate in their new video clip “Ele há gente para tudo”, know how to participate here.

Focusing on social diversity, this Ska theme that ANAQUIM presents is ideal to liven up these days of quarantine that Portugal is currently experiencing.

Anaquim are a band from Coimbra formed by José Rebola, composer and lyricist in voice and guitars, Pedro Ferreira, on keyboards, Luís Duarte, on guitar, Filipe Ferreira, on bass, and João Santiago, on drums.

Over the years, with many adventures and experiences, Anaquim have created four albums of richness and diversity recognized by the public and the media.

Their lyrics are inspired by everyday life and contemporaneity is approached with optimism and mixed with music resulting from the experiences and influences of each of the members, starting from manouche and country jazz.

According to the author, José Rebola,Ele há gente para tudo”shows that diversity must bring us up, as does the invigorating infusion of ska that provides musical support, and that accepting it does not prevent us from looking for and enjoying our countless contact points, in a society with some needs but also with a lot of abundances”

To participate in this challenge and enter the video clip of Anaquim, you just have to record a video of yourself listening and enjoying the song “Ele há gente para tudo”, with the total duration of the music, the video has to be well illuminated and horizontally oriented.

The choice is yours, you can sing, play an instrument or just dance and enjoy to the song, invite your family and even your pets to have fun with you.

After recording your video, all you have to do is send it! You just have to go to the WeTransfer platform  and send your masterpiece to the email

Take part in this challenge and have fun!

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