And the younger ones, how to talk about ‘Refugees and Migrants’?

This is the subject of one of Bertrand’s most recent publications, from the collection ‘The Child and the World’.

Home, refugees, migrants, material goods, volunteerism are some of the concepts explained in ‘Refugees and Migrants’ with the aim of creating a line that will clarify the entire migration process.

The language is simple, but little ‘flowery’, if this were not so serious a theme as to lack an objective explanation even to the younger ones. This was the goal of Ceri Roberts who in 2016 published this book (originally called ‘Refugee and Migrants’) in Britain which is now translated into Portuguese by Bertrand Publishing House which holds the rights of publication throughout the national territory.

Hanane Kai’s illustrations, explicit and softly dramatic, are the essential piece to clarify a theme whose key words are heard daily but hardly understood by a younger age group.

This book is part of the collection ‘Children and the World’, composed of three more books: ‘Poverty and Hunger’, ‘Racism and Intolerance’ and ‘Global Conflict’.

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