André Amaro presents the album “O Meu Lugar” at Casino Lisboa on 7 October

O Meu Lugar”, by André Amaro, will be presented live for the first time, on the 7th of October, at 7:30 pm, at the Arena Lounge at Casino Lisboa.

André Amaro will sing live the 10 songs of his debut album, which is already available in all stores and digital platforms, without leaving aside some surprises.

With a Pop language, we find in this “place” a handful of the best authors and composers in Portugal: from this one Diogo Piçarra, who produced the album and signs the first single extracted from this work, “O Teu Lugar”, to Boss AC, author of the single “Deixa o Amor Vencer”, passing by Jorge Fernando, Luiz Caracol, Rogério Charraz, Paulo de Carvalho, Tiago Machado and José Gonçalez. André Amaro also makes his debut as an author and composer: the themes “Desajeitado”, “Explicar” and “Anjo da Guarda” are the result of all his musical talent.

In “O Meu Lugar”, the contemporaneity of Diogo Piçarra‘s production places us in this time and the involvement of André’s voice manages to transport us to many places. Owner of a Portuguese voice and Latin soul, André Amaro offers us balanced and adult work, where electronics are mixed with piano and classical strings intersect with electric guitars.

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