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André Amaro apresentou “O Meu Lugar”

Arena Lounge - Casino Lisboa

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André Amaro presented for the first time live at the Arena Lounge at Casino Lisboa, his debut album, “O Meu Lugar”, to an audience full of friends and fans.

O Meu Lugar” with 10 pop songs from some of the best authors and composers in Portugal, such as Diogo Piçarra, who also produced the album and signed the first single extracted from this work, “O Teu Lugar“.

Boss AC, is another of the authors, signed the single “Deixa o Amor Vencer“, but many excellent names are part of this album, Jorge Fernando, Luiz Caracol, Rogério Charraz, Paulo de Carvalho, Tiago Machado and José Gonçalez, sponsoring one of the most promising Portuguese talents.

This debut also had Fábia Rebordão, Tozé Brito, Jorge Fernando and José Gonçalez in the audience who showed their full support to André Amaro, who also made his debut as an author and composer with the themes “Explicar“, “Anjo da Guarda” and “Desajeitado” in which he had the company of Diana Lucas on stage at the Casino.

André Amaro, who started his career as the vocalist of the group Sangre Ibérico, is now looking for his solo path and this is the first step, of many that will follow, we are convinced.

O Meu Lugar

  • O Teu Lugar (lyrics and music: Diogo Piçarra)
  • Explicar (lyrics and music: André Amaro)
  • Hoje (lyrics: Jorge Fernando, music: Diogo Piçarra)
  • Deixa o Amor Vencer (lyrics and music: Boss AC)
  • Anjo da Guarda (lyrics and music: André Amaro)
  • Tentei (lyrics and music: Luiz Caracol)
  • Se Chover na Minha Terra (lyrics and music: Paulo de Carvalho)
  • Desajeitado (lyrics: José Gonçalez, music: André Amaro)
  • Amar Depois (lyrics: José Gonçalez, music: Rogério Charraz)
  • O Mundo Inteiro (lyrics: José Gonçalez, music: Tiago Machado)

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